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Kepler Mission: A first space mission to find Earth-size planets

Virtual Sky: images of stars in the night sky" in the Northern hemisphere

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Big Bang Theory

Life Cycle of Stars



Solar System


Spacecraft Touches Down on Asteroid Eros

On Monday, 12 February 2001, the NEAR spacecraft touched down on asteroid Eros, after transmitting 69 close-up images of the surface during its final descent.

Asteroids - From the Astronomy Dictionary

520 Sto - Space (Worldwise)
520.78 Ast - Astronomy Adventures (Ranger Rick’s Nature Scope)
522 Sco - Adventure in Space - The Flight to Fix the Hubble
523.1 Jen - Our Universe (Exploring Our World)
523.1 Sim - Galaxies
523.1 Vog - The Milky Way and Other Galaxies
523.1 Vog - Nebulas
523.3 Aro - Nature's Blackouts Eclipses
523.3 Bre - The Moon
523.4 Apf - Voyager to tht Planets
523.4 Dai - Mercury
523.4 Lan - Jupiter
523.4 Lan - Mars
523.4 Lan - Saturn
523.4 Sch - Venus
523.4 She - Uranus
523.4 Sim - Mars
523.4 Sim - Saturn
523.4 Sim - Uranus
523.4 Vog - Jupiter
523.4 Vog - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
523.4 Vog - Mars
523.4 Vog - Mercury
523.4 Vog - Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
523.4 Vog - Neptune
523.4 Vog - Pluto
523.4 Vog - Saturn
523.4 Vog - Uranus
523.4 Vog - Venus
523.43 Vog - Mars
523.44 Kra - Asteroids - Invaders from Space
523.45 Sim - Jupiter
523.48 Vog - Pluto and the Search for New Planets
523.5 Aro - The Truth Behind Shooting Stars - Meteors
523.5 Vog - Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors
523.6 Bon - Comets
523.6 Sim - Comets, Meteors and Asteroids
523.6 Vog - Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors
523.7 Dai - The Sun
523.7 Vog - The Sun
523.8 Rey - Find the Constellations
523.8 Vog - Stars and Constellations
523.9 Vog - Moons
525 Dai - Earth
525 Gal - Earth’s Place in Space (The Story of Science)

In reference section see: Rand McNally Astronomy Encyclopedia

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