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The Kobe World

The Kobe World

Quote of the Day:"It was one of the hardest games I ever played in. I wanted to go to sleep," said Bryant, who has played four games in five days. more...

Look at his face!

The Kobe World is back online!!!

March 10,2001

Check out the new Pic of the Month February! more...

January 2,2001

Kobe also named Player of the month December! more...

December 25,2000

Kobe Bryant named NBA-Player of the Week! more...

December 08,2000

Hello, I'm the new Webmaster of this site. The new "Kobe World" isn't completely ready yet, but in a few days you'll see "The Kobe World" better as ever before. I will add a lot of new features to this site and I hope you'll enjoy it. Why don't you check out the new stuff I recently added...
News: New CAREER HIGH for Kobe B.

December 2000, KobeWebmaster
Can Kobe and his Lakers win the NBA-Championship Trophy again this season?


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