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Ask the Tech

This section will be devoted to technical exchanges. Our technicians are very familiar with tube type communications equipment design and operation.

Should you need help diagnosing problems with your own personal amateur radio unit(s), or just need general information such as production dates, sources of schematics, service bulletins, parts, tubes, etc feel free to quiz our net control operators.

To ensure the accuracy of our responses, equipment model and serial number must be submitted with the query.

Questions and comments may be sent via E-Mail:

For David Creely - Swan VFO's
For WN9DDV - 12BE6 Noise & Failure
For Mathew Bernard - Drake T4X: Puzzled
For WB6JSB - SBE SB2-LA Linear Amplifier

Technical Notes & Schematics

The purpose of this section is to present technical details on electronic and electrical components in formats not routinely found. Again, our main thrust is to provide information closely associated with vacuum tube communications equipment employed in amateur radio service. Additionally, our Exchange Link page will list other sites offering good sound information and advice that can advance your knowledge of earlier ham radio devices.

Where to Find:

Replacement Parts & Schematics
Power Pentode RF Amplifier Tube List
Swan VFO Drift
Swan 117X & 230X Special Schematic
Top Ham/SWL Text and Video
Swan & Vintage Radio TechLine
Exchange Links