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SWAN Net Group: Days Gone By....

PO2 Stu Morrison, K4BOV with CPO "Slow Joe" Griffin and Seaman Gary Humphries at the U. S. Naval Base, Key West, FL in 1960. The base commander was good enough to loan us his private yacht for a day of deep sea fishing. It was 0800 and about to get underway.

Tragically, one year after this photo, Chief Griffin died following an automobile accident.

Flagman CPO Chuck Benner, W4MXE (left) and Track Manager CPO Stu Morrison, K4BOV in 1971 at the Cherryfield Park Speedway. This 1/2 mile high banked dirt oval was located in Cherryfield, Maine. Here Dick Potter of Winter Harbor, Maine is presented with the checker flag after winning the main event.

One of the wreckers working the event that day was driven by Louie Santerre who lived about 100 yards from the speedway main entrance. He brought his young son to the track , 3 year old Andy Santerre, who stood in the front seat of the wrecker observering the bumping and banging that was so evident on Potter's left door in the picture. Andy, of course, went on to compete in the NASCAR circuit, winning the 1998 Busch Series "Rookie-of-the-Year" award.

Here we see SSgt Thadius "Ted" Radeki of Fort Wayne, IN and SSgt Lee Grunewald, K5JGZ in 1943 while stationed at Townsville, Australia. It was mid summer and the fellows just stepped outside for a smoke.