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Carl Vance Leeworthy, VE9OW, Ex-VE1OW

Carl V. Leeworthy, 67, of Walton's Beach, New Brunswick, Canada, and formerly of Moncton, NB, passed away at his residence on Thursday, September 9, 1999.

Born in Bayfield, NB June 7, 1932, he was the son of Anna Stiles (MacDonald) of Bayfield and the late Garnett Leeworthy.

Carl was a well known and respected funeral director with Cadman's Funeral Home in Moncton, NB for several years.

A developing interest in radio and electronics led Carl to amateur radio and soon to form his own business named OW Sound Systems. Only Carl and a few friends knew where he derived the "OW" name. Actually, his callsign had an even deeper meaning for Carl. He became VE1OW in 1964 when he requested and obtained the call of a dear friend who had passed away a year earlier.

In that same year, Carl purchased his first SSB transceiver, a Galaxy III, which he mated to a 20 meter 3 element yagi. 20 meters was by far his favorite band and for years he delighted in his DX accomplishments.

Carl was predeceased by his wife, Joan (Allen) and is survived by his mother; a daughter, Lynn of Shediac Cape, NB, and two sons, Larry of Calgary, Alberta and Mark of Montrose, BC. He was laid to rest at Bayfield Cemetery, Saturday, September 11, 1999.