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Swan and Vintage Radio Trader

This page is provided as a service to Swan collectors and others associated with Vintage Amateur Radio activities.

In order to sustain use of older American amateur radio equipment, it is necessary to make easy movement of these radios into the hands of interested hams. To make this possible, we will list your for sales, trades and wants here.

Also, we want to be helpful to the buyer and seller. In this regard, we ask that you provide the serial number(s) of the equipment you are listing. By these numbers, we can determine the production run, date of manufacture, associated schematics and service bulletins and so forth. We don't print the serial numbers in the ad unless requested by the seller.

Submit listings to: or by paper-mail to WA9AZK, W7RXG or K4BOV. OR, you can leave ANY information, be it listings, suggestions, comments on Swan Net operations, Swan News content, etc., in our guest logbook below.

NOTE: Although we do our best to assess the value and condition of listed items, we cannot vouch for the worthiness of any listing.

However, we do maintain a "behind the wall" list of equipment for sale. This equipment has been determined to be less than good working or lacks near original appearance. If you need parts, accessories, tubes, old manuals, test equipment, power supplies or complete parts radios, send us an inquiry on a specific item. The list is extensive - for example, it contains at least a dozen Tempo One transceivers.

Please advise us when and if your listing has been satisfied. Without any notification as to status, phone numbers are removed after 45 days and entire listing after 60 days.

SWAN 350D SSB Transceiver: W/Digital Readout. Collector Quality w/Manual, Microphone and WM200A Peak Reading Wattmeter/SWR Bridge. For Further Information Contact:

SWAN 350 SSB Transceiver: W/117C Power Supply. $150 Plus Shipping. Contact: Sheila Larsen (916) 386 1138 or

SWAN 14A DC Module for Cygnet Radio. $30 Plus Shipping/Insurance. Contact: Jimmie Fox/K7JAD in Portland (503) 774 3441 or

SWAN 750CW SSB Transceiver: W/Matching Power Supply. $300. Contact: Andy/K2ISN or (716) 532 2250

SWAN 250 6M Transceiver: W/Power Supply. $200 Plus Shipping. Contact: John Tolbert/WC4P, 4503 Grace Drive,Kingsport, TN 37664 (423) 288 2631 or

SWAN Mark II Linear Amplifier: Complete W/Manual and New 3-500Z Tubes. $600 Plus Shipping. Contact: Dave Stone/N5AHP at (501) 354 3331 or

SWAN 750CW HF SSB Transceiver: W/PSU-3 Power Supply and Digital Display. Will Trade for 2 Meter/440 Dual Band Mobile Radio. Contact: John/N9RQV or

SWAN 500CX SSB Transceiver: W/Power Supply. $150 Plus Shipping. Contact: Tim/N9RO or

SWAN 400G Commercial SSB Transceiver: W/Power Supply and Crystal Oscillator Box. $125 plus shipping. Contact: John/AC5TX or

SWAN 350D SSB Transceiver: Collectors Item - Unused Since Purchase. $550 Plus Shipping. Contact: Phil Hoeflich/K3JAW or

SWAN 260 SSB Transceiver: W/Manual, Mic and Most Factory Mods. $150 Plus Shipping. Postal MO only. Contact: Lou at FFSTA17@AOL.COM or Tech@DP.NET

SWAN 14A DC Adapter for SWAN 270B, 300B, 350A, 350B, and 350D. VX-1 VOX Unit, and FP1 Phone Patch. Each Item $25 Plus Shipping. Contact: Dennis/NS6C @ (714) 963 8593 or

SWAN 500C SSB Transceiver: W/117XC Power Supply, New PA Tubes. $150. Contact: Lee/KF4BZJ or E-mail: or (843) 747 5937

SWAN 350 SSB Transceiver: W/117X(Needs Power Cord). Also, SWAN 350 Parts Radio. $100 Takes Both. Contact: Lee/KF4BZJ or E-mail: or (843) 747 5937

SWAN TWINS: Complete Station: 600R Custom SS-16 Special Receiver W/SSB, CW and AM Filters and Model 330 General Coverage Tuner. Also includes 600SP Speaker Cabinet W/built-in FP1 Phone Patch. 600T Transmitter W/Attached Cooling Fan, VX-2 VOX Unit and SWAN CM17L Desk Mike. Includes all Cables, Manuals, Original Boxes and Spare Finals. $1195 or Best Offer - Includes UPS Shipping Anywhere in CONUS. Contact: Duff/W3AMF (215) 968 9747 or

SWAN DD-76 Digital Dial: $125. Contact: Jerry/K8RA at 614-764-5872 or

SWAN 500CX SS-16 Special SSB Transceiver: W/117XC, 508 Remote VFO. $400. Contact: Jerry/K8RA at (614) 764 5872 or

SWAN 600 Twins: SWAN 600R Receiver W/SS16B Filter. SWAN 600T SSB Transmitter W/VOX Unit. As a Set $650 Plus Shipping. Contact: Kenneth Hills/KB2LES, 14418 Blackberry Dr, Wellington, FL 33414 or (561) 686 8299 or

SWAN 350 SSB Transceiver: W/117XC AC Power Supply and Factory Installed 100Kc Crystal Calibrator. $175 Plus Shipping. Contact: Kenneth Hills/KB2LES, 14418 Blackberry Drive, Wellington, FL 33414 or (561) 686 8299 or

SWAN Mark II Linear Amplifier: W\Power Supply. $650. Contact: Jerry/K8RA at (614) 764 5872 or

SWAN ST-2 3KW PEP Antenna Tuner. Both Forward and Reflected Power Meters and Built-in 4:1 Balun. $250. Contact: Jerry/K8RA in Columbus, OH at (614) 764 5872 or

SWAN MARK II Linear Amplifier: Have JPEG Photo if Needed. $425. Will Split Shipping Cost. Contact: John/AC5TX or

SWAN SS-200A SSB Transceiver: W/Manual & Power Cord - Make Offer Contact: Tom "T. Carl" Dailey/WA0EAJ (303)455 0889 or

SWAN 512 DC Power Supply: Will Operate ANY SWAN Transceiver That Requires an External P/S. $60. Contact: John/W2LKS or

SWAN 500C SSB Transceiver: Recently Reconditioned and New PA tubes. Includes 117XC Power Supply $275. Contact: Bob/WA6KER (909) 682 5084

SWAN 350 SSB Transceiver: W/117XC Power Supply and VX-1 VOX Unit. Also, Factory Installed Crystal Calibrator and Selectable Sideband Kits. $200 Shipped. Contact: Paul/K4HCM or E-Mail:

SWAN VX-1 VOX Unit: Bought Brand New and Never Used. In original box w/instructions. $40 shipped. Contact: Matt Biehl/K2MAC, 174 Lincoln Blvd., Kenmore, NY 14217-2312 or (716) 876 3259

SWAN 1200W 80-10 Meter Linear Amplifier: W/Manual. $210 Plus Shipping. Contact: Ron Deblasio (504) 641 2779 or E-MAIL:

SWAN 406B EXTERNAL VFO: Operates Model 400 and 500 Tranceivers. Also, will operate with Model 350 When VFO Adaptor Socket Installed. $50. Contact: Tom/N5WYZ (915) 581 3036

SWAN 410 EXTERNAL VFO: $100 Shipped. Contact:

SWAN 350 SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/117XC Power Supply. Recently Reconditioned. $275. Contact: Terry/KE6RWB or

SWAN 350 SSB TRANSCEIEVER: W/New tubes, No Power Supply. Will trade for SWAN Antenna Tuner. Contact:

SWANAstro 150 SSB TRANSCEIVER: No Power Supply. Contact: Sam/K4NDY or

SWAN 500CX SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/External VFO, VX2 VOX Unit and Power Supply. $395. Contact: Nick/KB2SN via E-mail:

SWAN 700CX SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/AC Power Supply and VX2 VOX Unit. New Tubes Recently Installed. $475. Contact: Nick/KB2SN via E-Mail:

SWAN 500 SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/Power Supply. Contact: Ralph/W4MCJ at (864) 963 1622

SWAN 700CX SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/Power Supply. Recently Reconditioned. $300. Contact: Wes/KA6ELK or (619) 445 9157

SWAN 500 SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/Power Supply. $350. Contact: Jim/K2CAB 164 Hadley Drive, Clarksville, TN 37042 or (931) 572 9058

SWAN Model 14-C Plug-in DC Module for 117X DC Operation. $50 Shipped. Contact:

SWAN...... Your Listing Could Be Here! Want The SWAN & Vintage Trader By E-Mail - Send Requests:

SWAN 350 SSB Transceiver: Last run of 350's produced in late 1967. Includes 117XC AC Power Supply. Contact: Philip Poling/W4DNZ, 361 Springfield Drive, Bristol, TN 37620-0745 or E-Mail:

SWAN 270B SSB Transceiver: Works; but, cosmetically well below a 10: $115 shipped. Contact: WA8X at

SWAN (Shure 444) Desk Mic. $75 shipped. Contact WA8X at

SWAN ASTRO 150A SSB TRANSCEIVERS: (2) Units. W/Mike $300. Without Mike $250. Contact: Doug/WA1TUT or

SWAN ASTRO 150 SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/ST-3 Antenna Tuner, Manual and Up/Down Mic. Contact: Sam Taylor/KO6JQ or

NON-WORKING SWAN PSU-6 Power Supply W/Schematic. $39.95 Plus Shipping. Contact: Duff/W3AMF (215) 968 9747 or

WANTED: 120 Monoband 20 Meter Transceiver: No Modifications. Contact: Pete/W6JFR at

WANTED: SWAN 160X SSB Transceiver W/Power Supply. Contact: Joe Cro/N3IBX or

WANTED: SWAN DD-76 Digital Dial And Mark II Linear Amplifier. Contact: John Magnone by E-Mail:

WANTED: SWAN 250 or 50C 6M Transceiver: No Power Supply Required. Contact: Ken Ketner: Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, MS 0002, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-0002 (806) 742 3128 or

WANTED: Power Connector and Micrphone for Astro 150. Contact: Jim Hunter (612)654 150 or

WANTED: SWAN 117B, 117C, 117X or 117XC Power Supply. Contact: Richard/KC5GJY

WANTED: CW Filter For SWAN 600R Receiver. Contact: Paul/W8CDM or

WANTED:SWAN 117AC Power Supply. Contact: Don/W6LRG or

WANTED:SWAN 400 W/External VFO and Power Supply. Contact: Mike by E-mail:

WANTED: SWAN SS200A and SWAN Monobanders. Contact: Jim/KI5YI or

WANTED: SWAN 350 SSB Transceiver. Contact: Guido/IK1BES Via Guido Scaiola - Ricci 14/A - 17100 Savona - Italy Mob. +39 348 7101455 or Via E-mail: or

WANTED: SWAN 6B Six Meter Linear Amplfier: Working or Not. Contact: John/K5WC or E-Mail:

WANTED: SWAN 508 External VFO or 410C External VFO W/Model 22B VFO Adaptor. Contact: Jamie/KB8FBZ (740)266-6932 or E-mail:

WANTED: SWAN 270B Meter. Also Want: Top Cabinet Cover For SWAN 270B. Contact: James Lueck/W5LWU or

WANTED: SWAN 250 OR 250C Six Meter Transceiver: Contact: Mike Sirmans/KF4IDC In Munford, AL or

WANTED: SWAN 210 External VFO: Contact Ben/K9BEN in Niceville, FL or (850) 678-8113 or

WANTED/TRADE: Need SWAN 508 External VFO 2nd Version. Function Switch Has TRANS A & B Labeled. Will Buy or Trade for My Original Version Which is Labeled "500C" TRANS & REC. Will sell outright $100. Contact: Rob/AG6RT or E-Mail:

WANTED: SWAN MARK I Or MARK II Linear Amplifier. Contact: Tom/AA3MN (202) 895 0211 after 5PM.

WANTED: SWAN 230XC or 230X AC Power Supply. Contact: Mike/KD6DMH (530) 295 0150 or

WANTED: SWAN 750CW SSB TRANSCEIVER. Contact: N1JUT/Georges Saucier in NH or

WANTED: SWAN Linear Amplifier - Working or Not. Also Want SWAN 600T Transmitter - Working or Not. Also Want SWAN 250 - Working or Not. Contact: Randy Scott/KC4ULS (912) 589 7696 or

WANTED: SWAN 103BX Transceiver - Working or not and any spare modules for same. Contact: Jay/WA7YKE (303) 973 7711

WANTED: SWAN 1200X or 1200W Part. Need the "MC RANGE" Knob W/Silver Insert. Contact: Richard Renkes/KI0WA in Las Vegas area (702) 259 9566 or

WANTED: SWAN 400 SSB TRANSCEIVER with VFO and Power Supply. Contact: K5APL/Wes or

WANTED: SWAN 330 General Coverage Tuner and DD-76 Digital Dial For 600R RECEIVER. Contact: Jim Brown/K0YLW (785) 364 3989 OR EMAIL: K0YLW@YAHOO.COM

WANTED: SWAN PSU-7 Or PSU-9 Power Supply. Can trade a PSU-5 or Heath 2040A Legal Limit Antenna Tuner or Cash. Contact: Sam Taylor/KO6JQ or

WANTED: SWAN VOX UNIT: Contact: Richard/W4WE (727) 446 0886

WANTED: SWAN Accessories: VX-2 VOX Unit, DD-76 Digital Dial, Model 510X Crystal Oscillator and ST2A or ST3A Antenna Tuner. Contact: Gino De Nobili Via F.Selmi 71B, 00156 Rome Italy or

WANTED: SWAN DD-76 Digital Dial. Contact: Ben Finger/K9BEN at (850) 678-8113 or

WANTED: Meter for SWAN WM-2000 or WM-2000A Wattmeter. Contact Bart/K6UNR at

Non-SWAN Listings

E F JOHNSON Low Pass RF Filter #250-0020-001. 1 KW 52 Ohms. Unused in original box w/mounting hardware/brackets. $50 Shipped. Contact:

YAESU FV-101Z External VFO and SP902 Speaker/Phone Patch. Will trade for SWAN Equipmment. equipment. Contact: Eric Gonzales at (405) 273 1659 or

EICO Multi-Signal Tracer Model 145. Make Offer. Contact:

DRAKE "C" Line Station: T4XC, R4C, MS4 and AC4. $600. Contact: Gerry Bishop/K8NIH

DRAKE SPR-4 GENERAL COVERAGE RECEIVER: W/Manual. $300 Shipped. Contact:

HAMMARLUND HQ100A RECEIVER: W/Clock and Matching Hammarlund Speaker. $175 Shipped. Contact:

HEATHKIT ANTENNA TUNER SA-2040: W/Manual. $100 Shipped. Contact:

COLLINS 30L1 LINEAR AMPLIFIER: $425. Contact: Hal Davis/W8MTI - Box 1, Leslie, MI 49251-0001 Tel: 517-589-8179 or


TEMPO ONE SSB TRANSCEIVER: W/AC1 Power Supply and spare set 6JS6C PA tubes. $175. Contact: John Anderson/AC5TX or

JACKSON DRIVES: VFO Drives for Swan. $9.00 each. $7.50 each in lots of (4) four. Contact: Brian Carling/AF4K or

KENWOOD TL922A LINEAR AMPLIFIER: $1000 shipped. Contact: Art/WA2ZCO (914) 737 4360

HEATH HL2200 LINEAR AMPLIFIER: $600 Shipped. Contact: Art/WA2ZCO (914) 737 4360

AMERITRON AL-811 LINEAR AMPLIFIER: W/Manual, Schematic & 3 Spare New 811A Tubes. 10M/12M Mod Installed. $520 Shipped. Contact: Ray/WW7OO at (520) 458 9711 or

GALAXY 300 SSB TRIBAND TRANSCEIVER: 80-40-20 Meters W/PSA-300 Power Supply/Console. Make Offer. Will Trade for 5 Band Equipment. Also have Galaxy AC-400 Power Supply. Make Offer. Contact John Anderson/AC5TX or

CENTRAL ELECTRONICS 100V: $500. Contact: N3PHF or

COLLINS SALE: KWM-380 SSB Transceiver, 75A1 Receiver, 75A2 Receiver, 32V2 Transmitter, 32V3 Transmitter, KWS-1 Transmitter, 75A4 Receiver, 62S1 VHF Converter. Contact: Dave/W3ST

DRAKE TR-7/R-7 13 Extender Boards and Digital Jumper Card: Original Service Kit. $60 plus $3.20 for postage. Contact: Bob/W7AVK or

HEATHKIT SB-102 SSB Tranceiver: w/AC Power Supply. $225. Contact: Bob/W3IGE at

HEATHKIT Q Multipliers: HD-11 and QF-1. $35 each. Contact: Bob/W3IGE at

GALAXY 300 TRIBAND SSB TRANSCEIVER: Includes PSA- 300 AC Power Supply/Speaker Console w/clock. Contact:

LAFAYETTE COMSTAT 19 CB Transceiver: Excellent Condition. Tube Type Base Unit w/Mic. Xtal Control w/tunable receive. $50 shipped. Contact:

GALAXY AC Power Supplies: AC-35 $75. PSA-300 $100. Contact:

EICO 717 ELECTRONIC KEYER: $25 Shipped. Contact:


REGENCY 2 Meter Transceiver: W/Power Supply. $75 shipped. Contact:

WANTED: YAESU FLDX400 Transmitter: Working or Not. Contact: Tony Hughes by E-Mail:

WANTED: Collins 30S1 Linear Amplifier. Working or Not; But, Must Be Good Cosmetically. Contact: Swavek/VK3TS or E-mail:

WANTED: Drake "C" Line - Want Complete Station. Can Pick up Nearly Anywhere in Northern USA and Canada. Contact: Tom/VE6TG or (403) 615 4003

Electron Tube Shelf

ELECTRON TUBES: (2) NOS Raytheon 6HF5 Power Pentodes. $40 for both/Shipped. Contact: Rich/WA2RQY or

ELECTRON TUBES: Matched set of 6HF5 Power Pentodes for SWAN 350, 400, 500, Galaxy 300, III, V and others. $45 shipped. Contact: Marc/KF6VNT or

ELECTRON TUBES For SBE-34: Matched GE 6GB5 Pentodes w/12DQ7 Driver $29 shipped. Contact:

ELECTRON TUBES: Matched set of four (4) 31LQ6 Power Pentodes W/Instructions for retrofitting 6LQ6 Linear Amplifiers. $85 Shipped. Contact:

ELECTRON TUBES: Receiving and Industrial Tube List

ELECTRON TUBES: RCA JAN-832A Unused/NOS W/Bright Red Label. Have (51) $10 Each. Contact:

WANTED: 3-500Z with full output. Contact: John/AC5TX or

WANTED: Pair of 6MC6 Electron Tubes. Contact: Ben Finger/K9BEN Anytime (850) 678-8113 or

New Parts & Service:

Antique Electronic Supply - Electron Tubes
Mouser Electronics - HV Capacitors
International Crystal Manufacturing - Crystals
International Radio - Crystal Filters
ALO's Radio Restoration - Panel Painting
TRESCO - Cinch Jones Plugs
Lashen Electronics - Contact Cleaner
Delaware Camera & Video
DowKey - Coaxial Relays
R L Drake - Drake Replacement Parts
HAM HATS - Personalized Embroidered Ham Hats
Custom Glass Antenna Insulators
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