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Swan Net Jamboree 2002

The inaugural Swan Net Jamboree is in the books! A year ago Jim Singleton had a vision which he shared with all Swan Net participants and Swan radio collectors. "Why not arrange and conduct a special event for the Swan User Group?"

Through hard work and well thought-out planning, that vision became a reality in Las Vegas during the weekend of 20-22 September 2002. With untiring help from Jim's wife Sandy, the couple organized one of the most orderly and finest social gatherings that the majority of attendees had ever witnessed. A precedent has certainly been set for any Swan Jamboree organizer that may follow in the years to come.

Photos of the event can been seen at: Swan Radio Jamboree 2002

Since many of you present lit up the hospitality and banquet areas with flash cameras, there may have been other interesting images captured. In fact, anything you have on film that is associated with your trip to and from Las Vegas might be of interest to others. Such photos can be e-mailed to or paper mailed to Stu/K4BOV for possible inclusion on the Swan Jamboree 2002 page.

Swan Net Group: Days Gone By Gallery

We are open to submission of pictures from our Swan Net participants showing them in their earlier years. We are currently posting these pictures at: Swan Net Group: Days Gone By.... . More current pictures showing yourself in your ham shack, on the tower, in the mobile, etc. are presently being posted at: Vintage Sideband Net Gallery and Swan Net Gallery.

Pictures you wish to include can be sent either through the U S Post Office or via e-mail.