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SWAN Net Group: Days Gone By....

In the foreground, Bob Ruby can be seen bench testing an early Swan 350. The technician next to Bob is examining a Swan 117C power supply.

Final "buttoning up" and packing room February 1965. Here we see 11 Swan 350's on the right and 4 on the left awaiting covers - the covers are lined up high on the left hand shelves. There are 3 Swan 400's at the end of the left hand row. You will notice the 400's do not have raised front feet on the bottom cover - 400's of that period were shipped with an optional plate that the user could mount to the front bottom cover for base operation or go "no legs" for mobile operation. Additionally, it can be seen that 350's of that period had not yet received the dial set control nor full 10 meter coverage VFO that appeared later in 1965. Also, access holes on the VFO are clearly seen as is the sharp corner on the VFO brackets. The holes were covered and the brackets were slope trimmed in later units.