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George's Guitar Repair

Montgomery, NY 12549

(845) 457-5455 Phone

Hello and welcome to my new home page. My name is George Charles. I am located in New York's Hudson Valley. I began working on my own personal guitars in the early 1970's. In 1979 I decided to offer my services to friends and guitar players in my area. Before I knew it I had many satisfied customers. I have designed and built many solid body electrics and repaired or modified many others. I do this as a hobby and on a limited basis in my home. If your guitar is in need of repairs or just a check up, feel free to contact me by phone or by e-mail with your situation.


My specialties

Electric and Acoustic Repairs
Complete Set Ups
Fret Work
Custom Wiring
Bridge and Nut Fine Tuning and Replacement
Pick-ups Installed
Troubleshooting Problems


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