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We use 100% Stainless Steel Caps. All of these caps come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. What does that mean???? That means that if your cap blows down for any reason...we will be there the next day to put it back up for you. We also do Custom Caps...If you do not have a cap already then call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.. Why is it important to have a cap on your chimney? It's important because having the cap on the chimney will prevent many things from entering the chimney causing a blockage inside the flue which could be very fatal. You'll be amazed at home many things can get inside that tiny opening. Racoons, Birds, Squirrels, Leaves, Branches all could get inside your chimney causing a blockage. Caps also prevent water from entering the chimney. When the water enters the chimney if combines with the soot to form acid which in turn eats away at the chimney destroying the lining and bricks.....So you see why it is very important to get a cap today.


Liners in Chimneys serve three functions: 1. The liner protects the house from heat transfer to combustibles. In the NBS tests, unlined chimneys allowed heat to move through the chimney so rapidly that the adjacent woodwork caught fire in only 3 1/2 hours. 2. Liners protect the masonry from the corrosive byproducts of combustion. In the test it was determined that if the flue gases were allowed to penetrate the brick and mortar, the result would be a reduction in the usable life of the chimney. The flue gases are acidic in nature and literally eat away at the mortar joints from the inside of the chimney. As the mortar joints erode, heat transfers more rapidly to the near by combustibles and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide can leak into the living areas of the home. 3. Liners provide a correctly sized flue for optimum efficiency of appliances. Modern wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces require a correctly sized flue to perform properly. The chimney is responsible for not only allowing the products of combustion and passage not only out of the house, but the draft generated by the chimney also supplies the combustion air to the appliance. An incorrectly sized liner can lead to excessive creosote buildup in wood burning stoves, and the production of carbon monoxide with conventional fuels. First Choice only uses the best lining systems for your chimney needs. We use 316L UL tested stainless steel liners that are backed with a lifetime warranty!


In addition to chimney cleaning, another important service performed by First Choice is an inspection of the chimney. When you have your chimney swept by First Choice...The Inspection is free !!!! The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys be inspected annually and cleaned as needed. This is a good guideline and, if followed, would eliminate most chimney fires and other chimney problems. There are other times when a chimney inspection should be performed, and we have listed some of them below: 1. Immediately after a chimney or furnace fire. 2.Whenever the service of the chimney is being changed. Adding a woodstove to a fireplace, or converting from an oil to a gas furnace, or installing gas logs. 3.Whenever you are considering the purchase of a home with a chimney. Make sure the chimney inspection is performed before closing. 4.Whenever you suspect any type of storm damage. Example - Lightning struck chimney, high winds blew cap off.