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1999 Bolin Fest In Sioux City


The 1999 Tommy Bolin Fest in Sioux City, Iowa was a huge success! Below you will find Scott's review, followed by Sal's review and pictures, followed by a link to the Glenn Hughes Coast To Coast Website with even more pictures from the Fest -- taken by Glenn himself! Enjoy!

If you were there, please write up your informal review, including set lists if you remember them, and mail them to ALSO PLEASE SEND YOUR PICTURES TO ME!


Big Lizard
Wild Childhood
Black Oak Arkansas
JRZ System

Katty Wompus
Ass Backward
Wild Childhood
Buckley Mills
JRZ System
Craig Erickson
Greg Hampton
Black Oak Arkansas

Katty Wampus
JRZ System
Glenn Hughes and TB Tribute Band

Headliner on Friday night was JRZ System, who ROCKED the entire weekend (played all three days). After all these Bolin Tributes, and their continuous high level of Bolin oriented funky fusion kick ass rock and roll, it can truly be said that they are the HEART AND SOUL of the Bolin Fest. They even cancelled personal plans on Sunday to play a third day and help Glenn Hughes with equipment and sound system stuff. They love doing this gig, and the audience loves them!

Black Oak Arkansas only played 45 min. on Friday --partly because Johnnie Bolin had rehearsed and performed with 3 bands already, and because they were saving their large can of "Whup Ass" for Saturday's show. They headlined on Saturday, along with JRZ System and the Craig Erickson Band. BOA played Shake the Devil and Teaser, which will be on their new album. Special guest band was Greg Hampton, who (as engineer/mixer) recently put the finishing touches on Black Oak Arkansas's latest album. Craig Erickson did Golden Rainbows, off of Alphonse Mouzon's Mind Transplant, and blew the crowd away. Between Craig and JRZ, the Fusion Fanatics in the crowd were well satisfied.

The Iowa Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame
presented Johnnie Bolin (on Saturday before BOA played) with a commemorative letter announcing the induction of Tommy Bolin to the Iowa Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, which will occur September 5 in Lake Okaboji, Iowa. Try to make it if you can! (Click on above picture link for more information).

On Sunday, JRZ System played right before Glenn Hughes and the Tommy Bolin Tribute Band. Both acts sounded GREAT and rounded out the weekend nicely. JRZ played the tricky Mind Transplant material, and ROCKED with an instrumental Bolin Medley that makes you want to HOWL like a WILD DOG!

Other bands that played during the weekend included "Wild Childhood", who not only sounded great, but donated their lights to the remainder of the Fest. "Ass Backwards" from Omaha did punk versions of "Time to Move On" by "Moxy", and "People, People" from "Private Eyes". More reviews of other bands to come...

Later on Sunday, bands and fans played at the local bar, "Crosstown Cafe" (which is also where the bands rehearsed). Guests included Tom Bartle, from "After Alley", and Bobby Berge of Bolin legends past (from Zephyr to "Private Eyes").

Glenn Hughes told me to tell his fans, "Having a wonderful time in Sioux City. I have my digital camera, and will send you some pictures this week. Glenn"

As for Glenn's set list, I had to sell beer, so I will need to rely on others to get it exact, but he at least played:

---> Jump Back
---> Gypsy Soul
---> You are the Music (Trapeze)
---> Gettin Tighter
---> Owed to G
---> Coast To Coast (Glenn)
---> Keep On Movin
---> Alexis
---> Love is Alive (Trapeze)
---> Teaser (sans Glenn)
------> Encore:
---> Dreamer

Being chauffeur for "The Voice Of Rock" and his bodyguard all weekend was an unforgettable experience for me. He and his bodyguard/friend Andy are mostly inseparable. Andy is a very good person, and he takes very good care of Glenn.

On Friday, I drove them to Tommy's grave (with a local cable film crew, about 10 fans, and Johnnie Bolin), as well as to the Fest every day. One tidbit about what it was like to be around Glenn -- he liked to imitate a Texas Accent the whole weekend, saying things like, "Well, I say, God DAMN". He also did a James Brown "HEAAAAYYY" every 5 minutes or so (I think to keep his voice warmed up!). All in all, it was a priveledge to be a part of the Fest and to get Glenn where he needed to be.

Here are some of SAL's Pictures.
For SAL's Excellent review and more pictures,
Click HERE.

For pictures of the fest taken by
GLENN HUGHES himself, please visit
the GH Coast To Coast Website HERE.

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