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James Gang w/ Tommy Bolin

BANG____ 1973____
Atco Records, Division of Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Iíd Rather Be Alone With You (A.K.A. Daleís Song)
Roy Kenner

Your sisterís cominí over,
She got something on her mind.
I just donít understand it,
We have never got the time.

Now, donít be nervous,
If I seem upset.
I can handle it and, yet
Iíd rather be alone with you
Iíd rather be alone with you.

Walk a little faster,
I got your mama on the phone.
What a sense of timing,
When you need to be alone.

Hang a sign out,
Telling everyone,
Weíll be gone for quite awhile.
Iíd rather be alone with you,
Iíd rather be alone with you.
Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh-ee.

Thanks to Howard Fisher for help with lyrics

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