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Andrew Dice Clay
A quick run down on Andrew...Andrew Dice Clay is one of the most offensive comedians of all time.  Curse words, women bashing, telling it like it is.  
Basically what goes through guys minds at the time of sex comes out of his mouth for about 45 min on his Cd's.

One of the most successful comedians.  Several gold comedy Cd's.  Something very uncommon for a comedian to sell that many Cd's.  Sold out arenas also
very uncommon for a comedian.  Andrew started in the comedy club movement of the 80's.  Many successful comedians(i.e. Denis Leary, Sam Kinison, Jerry
Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Williams, Pauly Shore, and many others) went this route during the 1980's and probably one of the most talented
comedic eras of all time.  

After appearing on several Rodney Dangerfield HBO specials, Andrew had a few of his own which launched him in to stardom (Similarity to Sam Kinison
same route...).  His first few HBO specials The Diceman Cometh and Andrew Dice Clay gave the Diceman instant stardom.  His previous appearances in Brat
Pack 80's movies gave us glimpses of the "Diceman" character.

After HBO specials and the Kinison feuds both comedians traveled  through the then unheard of arena touring.  Doing shows in front of 50,000+ fans,  
Andrew to this day still holds many attendance records for comedic shows.  One feet even Andrew is most proud of are his Madison Square Garden sell
outs, where he shot is Dice Rules DVD (went to theatres but was yanked due to PC movement).

He was very successful and  then everybody turned on him.  The PG (politically correct) movement happened.  Many of the shock comedians were going out
of business.  The death of Comic Rival Sam Kinison didn't help.  The bashing between Dice and Kinison helped keep these guys in the news and soon after
both comedians were separated with controversy no one wanted anything to do with shock comics.  

As years went by Andrew Dice Clay did some "clean" made for television shows.  These were cancelled shortly after they were released (Bless this house
and Hitz).  Surely networks were very nervous about Andrew as many womans rights groups pressured the network to drop him.  As he was the last of the
shock comedians (following Kinisons death) he had very little support.  To keep his legacy going this site has remained active over the years.  

After feuding with his only shock supporter Howard Stern, Andrew no longer had appearances on one of his best marketing shows, (Sterns fans appreciate
shock comedy) Andrew Dice Clay has been absent for some years.  After doing a reality show on VH1 Andrew has gained some notoriety again.  Howard
Stern and Andrew Dice Clay made up, and Dice is back on tour again.  

You can also visit his official site
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