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Have you ever experienced dejavu?

Perhaps we met in another life ! !
I'm dejavu,
and this page is my personal profile.....

Please e-mail me
if you have similar interests

A quote from Clive Barker in Sacrament about a man who is ready for a major change in his life:
"He'd hung on this branch long enough, ripening there. It was time to fall and rot into something new."

Please take a look around in my additional pages. Thanks !
Even if no one ever looks at this, I am having a blast! Hope to come up with some more fun updates soon!

Last updated 7/16/2001. I can't believe I started working on this page over 2 years ago. Most of the pics are getting old. I have reddish-blond hair now and it is getting a lot longer, so if you think you've met me... don't be surprised that the pics don't look just like me anymore!
Time to revamp all these pages, I think. Need to have some new photos taken!

Please sign my guest book !!
and sorry about the ads
it's a new thing in Angelfire

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