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Yo whether you 7 CROWN, LATIN KINGS, LATIN COUNTS, GANGSTER DISCIPLES, LATIN SAINTS, SURENO 13, NORTENO 14, CRIPS, BLOODS, A.K.A (ALL KNOWN ASSASINS), BLACK PANTHERS KING AND QUEENS NATION, HOOVER CRIMINOLZ, 18st GANG, BETA PHI, BORICUA POWER, BLACK HAND, LA EME, TEMPLE 13, SYNOGOG 14, TEXAS SYNDICATE, 2O LOVE, SOLIDOS, 8 BALL CHICS, INSANE POPE NATION, INSANE RIKERS ISLAND LYNCH MOB, L.A. CREW, FUCK EVERYBODY, A.B.I (ALBANIAN BUISNESS INCORPORATED),or any other gang i forgot to mention let me warn all ya fools this is a page of war not peace niggas come to my site to beef not to make peace. Niggas on aol done shut 3 of my other sites down fuck them niggas aol killer!!!!!! yo my niggas just kick back relax and enjoy this motherfuckin site word up before aol shuts this down too

My Favorite Web Sites

GgRaNeRs iLL AsS GaNg PaGe
CriPPiN oN Da ScEnE
BLacK PanThErS CoMMiN BaCk
My HoMiE BLooDy ThuGz PaGe
My HoMe GiRl LiZ's SiTe ShOw HeR MaD LoVe
My NeW CrIpS pAgE
My HoOmIe FlUe BaNgEr'S PaGe
My HoOvEr CrImInOlZ pAgE