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Im very happy to announce the formation of our new Film Company. Please see the link below for Dancing Lindy Film Productions. As most of you know my film "Views from a Gas Mask" was one of the finalists at the 40th Ann Arbor Experimental Film Festival. That was a great honor indeed as Ann Arbor is the largest Experimental film Festival in the USA. At the end of that festival I was notified that I was also a Finalist at the 35Th Humboldt International Short Film Festival in Arcata California. I was escorted to that Festival by Dianna and spent a wonderful 9 days in California. My Film was awarded Best film under 5 minutes at Humboldt. A Very Special thanks to Dianna, My Best Friend and the new West Coast Creative Consultant for Dancing Lindy Productions. Dianna also known as "Lindy" has constantly worked as my Beta tester and has provided much inspiration for my work as an artist. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom, insight, and support of my artistic endeavors. Please be sure to have a look at her new web page. You will find the link a little farther down the page.

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