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Planet Britt Tour

This series of Jedi Knight multiplayer levels guides you through five areas of Planet Britt, an isolated planet deep in the Pezz system.  You will have to fight through an underground boxing facility, an imperial outpost, an ancient Jedi Temple, and many more.  Here is a small preview of what lies ahead:

**Click on screenshots for full-screen image**


In this underground packaging facility, anything goes.  It can be considered a preview of the rest of the Britt levels.  In the lower portion of the Base, you will find docking bays and secret passages to ancient rooms of worship.  In the upper portion, you will enter a landing pad, with much open space.  Use the control room's unique window to snipe at your foes.  Look carefully, and you'll discover revives and super shields which will help you defeat your enemies.

Imperial Outpost

Welcome to the Imperial Training Outpost, where Stormtroopers and Officers alike come to learn basic skills.  Enter the bar for a quick brewsky and some ammo.  Strip the stock room of its treasures.  Search the landing strip for hidden power-ups.  Find the hidden tunnel to the perfect sniper position, and you shall conquer.

Great Vista Canyon

Your ship has crashed in this small canyon, and you are stranded with you enemies.  This level can prove to be a little tricky for a novice.  The angled canyon floor makes it difficult to aim your weapon quickly.  Search for hidden passageways and tunnels in the canyon walls, and search the water areas thoroughly for power-ups and weapons.

Jedi Temple

In this ancient place of worship, anything goes.  What may look odd could actually be a hidden passageway to a secret area.  Discover the secrets of the busts in the main lobby, and use these hidden spots to attack your foes.  Check every inch of the temple completely, and you will be rewarded with some astounding, and sometimes baffling, hidden areas.

Lockwood Packaging Plant

This unique plant has plenty of things to explore.  The outside area contains a few small arms, and some power-ups.  The locals have carelessly strewn their cargo about, which provide great cover in the heat of the battle.  In the warehouse, more crates are placed, which again provide good cover.  Stop in the bar to chat with the locals, and have a few drinks.  The second floor provides lodging, and you can relieve yourself in the spacious throne room.  If you want some action, head to the third floor to dance to some music, play some pool, and catch an episode of The Simpsons.