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Welcome to restoration page of our Mercury 1991 Capri Convertible. Below you will find some pictures of our Capri prior to our restoration. The Mercury Capri was styled by the Italians, built by Austrailans, with Japanese mechanical parts.

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Gary and Theresa's Capri

We purchased our car September 10, 2005. The car was no stranger to us for it was owned by the family my daughter babysat. Prior to my daughter driving the family used to drive her in the cute red 1991 Capri Convertible. They owened the Capri for ten years. I always loved the car from the day I saw it. I now have my dream. My husband and I own the car. We are the third owners of the car. Our Journey towards restoration has only just begun.

1991 Mercury Capri

These photos are before the restoration. Our red Capri will transform before your eyes!! Purchased a new black top for the convertible so far. Small upgrades to the brake and clutch pedals. Removed broken grey map holder on left side. Still need a replacement part as of September 22, 2005. We also need left convertible latch for the top. Prior to painting we need a left front quarter panel. We have a very small rust spot but would like the integrity of a flawless quarter panel.

1991 Mercury Capri Engine

The picture reflects what the engine looks like on September 18, 2005. It was good to find out that the oil pressure was normal. Thanks to all from the Team Capri car club that responded to my concern. The Website to the Capri club that has a wealth of information is:

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