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Well as many know, Ballistic hasn't been doing a whole lot of anything lately. The reason for this is that some members in the band were going different ways in their music styles. We also encountered some personal problems along the way with eachother that still aren't resolved...But as sad as it is to see this band that had all this talent and potential break apart, and it just being part of the buisness of being in a band and musicians, Ballistic went their seperate ways. We wish the others from the band good luck in their futures with their music. I'm sure they will do well. We encourage all fans of Ballistic to check out these new bands, whatever they may be called and whoever may be in them. Although they will not be called BALLISTIC I'm sure that all the bands will be apreciated by many!!

Members of the band Eric, Brian, and Rob took their aggresivness to another level and started a band called Neurotic Decay. If you liked Ballistic come check us out.

Neurotic Decay is basically a reformation of Ballistic. The Lineup now consists of Brian (Internal Bleeding, Catastrophic) on Guitar, Eric (Ballistic) on Guitar, Rob (Pyrexia, Catastrophic) on Drums, Jay on Bass, Dan on Keyboards, and Chris screaming his head off... This mesh of Metal, Industrial, and various other styles is an entitiy within itself. A real show to be seen and heard. We know not all will like us and we accept that. But we will do our best to give you a show and music style you will enjoy!!

We view it as our job to assist in the termination of emo and other whiney forms of horrid music. Grow some balls motherfuckers!

Check out the new and improved band here:

We are keeping it heavy and Brutal for you!! Come join our army, now with hundreds of fans and growing each day!!