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Info About Me

Hi. I'm Jade, Webmaster of this site. Normally, I'd remain anonymous, and leave you to wonder if a group made this site, or whether I hired someone to create this. Not this time. This one is my personal site...for now. Maybe later I'll change it to look real proffesional, which would be really cool. But I want the best of both worlds, nice looking site, and for everyone to know it's made by one person...not that I'm saying my site is all that, I mean, it really doesn't look all that great as of yet, but it's only been up a couple weeks. Update:It's been a few months, and it still pretty much sucks, but it's a nice place to kill time and look at goofy pics of me and my friends.

My Trip To Washington DC

This is Steven March and I, on my venture into the life of a model.Click here to read the story

Some Crap About Me

Hmm...where to begin? Ok, well, I don't want to type a whole bunch of crap about me right now, given the fact that it's 4:04 am. You could pretty much jump into any point of my life and it would all be interesting. Ever want to make a movie about your life until someone says to you, 'Make a movie about your life? If someone really followed you around with a camera, you'd find out that your life is pretty boring.' Well, that's different with some of my friends and I. The only boring parts are like right now, (while I'm typing this, but my friends say that gets pretty hysterical when you take in the fact that I look really funny when I'm ranting and raving and making completely new combinations of swear words when something goes wrong). The other boring parts are...well...when I'm on the crapper, but depending on the food I eat, aww..nevermind. (Just kidding). You have to remember, I pretty much think like the group of Monty Python, or to put it simply for non-Monty Python-followers, I think like a sadistic guy...morbid..mostly about sex and sick things. It's like the Man Show and the X Show are running 24/7 in my head. Even HighSchool can get pretty interesting with me in class...mostly. Ok, well now that I've gone COMPLETELY off track, I might as well tell you what's going on now, and later add what happened New Years, and fill everyone in on the Freaky-Shit-O-Meter Blair Witch Happenings next week. Ok, well, recently I overdosed on Coricidin (which most of the kids my age should know about..*ahem*). Everyone took this for a suicide trip. I ended up passing out in front of my door in the hallway at 6am on a Monday morning. At the hospital, my parents disscussed my future while I fight to regain conciuosness. All of you that take Coricidin (*ahem*) and Tylenol, be careful. Never, EVER, EVER take more than 8. This is because after taking so many, your liver starts to break down, and three days (3) of taking the drugs, you will die of liver failure. I was very close to this, given the fact that I had taken 13. Unlucky number for some. Now let me tell you how it will happen if you OD on these products. If you survive the first night, and someone finds you, you will be shipped off to the hospital, where they will stick what seems like hundreds of needles and IVs into you. You will be kept on EKG (heart moniter) and every half an hour your blood pressure will be taken. If your pulse falls below 59 (which is natural for some) the EKG makes this godforsaken noise and will keep you awake if you are trying to sleep. The doctors will make you drink charcoal water (that's right, CHARCOAL) to keep your kidneys and liver from accepting the drug so you can pass it thru your body without harm. After about two days of testing, they MAY let you go with a slip saying that you need to stay home (depending on the dosage you took) or that you need to seek proffesional help. This is very bad for teens, given the fact that Four Winds (in Ballston) or other Mental hospitals and rehabs are ALWAYS suggested. For me, I am being shipped off to a private school where I will forced to wear short little navy-colored pleated skirts and white blouses. Every time I swear or listen to rock music or smoke, I have to be paddled five times, pray and quote scriptures. I will have no life, no friends (the school only has three students and a CAT) no music, no smoking (I quit anyway) no drugs, no alchohol, no gum, no talking and most of all, no fun. I am only allowed to go out Saturdays, (which I have to make arrangements weeks in advance) and I am no longer allowed to stay at home. Sound fun? I didn't imagine so. So please...don't take more than 8 Coricidin and no more than 4 Tylenol. Please be careful while toking up, while drinking, or while partying. You don't want this to happen to you. I'm out.