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My friends
Megan,clearly playing the Diva
eating a burger that was hardly worth waiting twenty minutes for. After this photo was taken, Josh got sick.

Long time friend,
and even longer time oddity, Dianna poses at Daytona.
Me, picking on poor, defenseless Josh...mercilessly beating him to a pulp. Ok, I really can't do that to Josh. He's my friend! Josh
Again,me;shocked and slightly aggravated that Dianna is even thinking about taking my pic at that time.
Mary, on her car Mary again!
Teresa Teresa; model pose! Tyler of Saratoga. I hate him, but I've known him for so long, and I love his family to death. I antagonize him because it's easier than talking about what I really want to-how much I really like him.
Vicky and Tyler on the trip to NYC, I believe. I miss Vicky! She was so nice! Laura, playing 'Over the Rainbow'-beautifully-on the piano. She has her whole heart in music and her friends. She knows that she has our hearts, too. Josh and Laura on the bus together...if you listen closely, you can even hear the faint cry of the sadistic bus driver.
Just say!! Megan and Joe who have been out for 8 months now. Dianna and I at Crossgates...home of weed dealers..what a country...
Dianna and I...what we feel like high. Megan and I goth and baked. Nice combo if ya ask me...but I'm these *sniffle* memories are all i have of my high life. *cry* Joey and I at Ben and Jerry's on New Years.
Me, hugging Joey because I am so happy that he was right and the world didn't end. All of us except Dianna and Jon. Megan and I were distraught until we visited them later that evening.

My other friends made it abundantly clear that they do not want their pics on the internet...(they beat me!).

Look!!! More monkeys!!! Whack 'em!
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