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My GoodBye to All My Friends

This is to all my friends. I realize that you know by now how much I'll miss you. I'll prolly be able to see you all again, but I dunno when or if that will really happen. I know it's just that I'm transfering, and it's not like I'm not gonna be in Ballston Spa anymore...but I am moving over to my mom's house and everything is gonna change. I can only go out on Saterdays, I really am not allowed to see my friends anymore without like weeks of preperation, and crap...and I'll be forced to wear little navy-colored pleated skirts and white blouses for the rest of my highschool life! Ok, ok...enough about my problems...I'd just like to show the world how much I care about everyone. I know only a few people are up here....that's why I want to take more pictures from now on! I'll always have a camera ready every day that I live from now on!'s expensive, but it's worth it. To all my know who you are! I love you guys! No, no...I LOVE you guys!! And Joe (the one that I always see at the mall and I always seem to meet another one of his brothers...), I'm sorry that I couldn't put your comix up here...maybe there'll be another time for that.

Group.jpg My Saratoga Friends

This Picture is of Megan and her boyfriend for about 8 months now; Joe. In the back is Mary, (who has lost a dear friend, Josh, who Marybeth and I also knew) and to the right is my ex-crush Joey. I'm over him...yes, it may sound cold. But I was so indescisive about liking him in the first place. I think it's just a friend thing....he is still my friend.

Gustavo.jpg Gustavo

This picture is of (the nudist, AKA Nature Boy)Gustavo, who Megan introduced me to. I'm not scared of his constant need to be naked, I'm happy that he has his freedom...just please...don't use my trenchcoat!!

MeganJoe.jpg Megan and Joe

This is Megan and Joe, also seen in the other picture...look closely at Megan's eyes..can you notice why she looks that way? Tee hee hee...

devilgirls2.jpg Dianna and I

This is Dianna and I. I have known her for 12 years this past August. This picture was taken at Crossgates mall...where everytime you walk outside, you are approached by a horny guy, or dealer asking you to buy his weed (and now dope, too)...what a country!

Tweak.jpg Tweak

Avoura.gif Avoura