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The American Board Of Rabbis is an Orthodox Rabbinical organization dedicated to the disemination of Authentic Judaism and presents it without shame or compromise.

Sometimes controversial,the American Board Of Rabbis takes on issues on behalf of Jews,Judaism & Israel that no other rabbinical organization in America has the zealous fortitude to tackle!

The American Board Of Rabbis offers external rabbinical courses leading to Semicha/Certificate Of Ordination as well as providing other vital rabbinical services for the Jewish community through its Bais Din/Rabbinical Court providing Jewish life cycle events,kashrus certification/kosher supervision,international lecture bureau/scholars in residence,pulpit and Yeshiva principal placement and pastoral counseling.

Membership in The American Board of Rabbis are welcomed. Write to our Mailing Address please include your name address and phone & fax number. Applications will be mailed or faxed.

To Contact Us:
American Board Of Rabbis/Vaad HaRabonim Of America
292 5th Ave.4th Floor
New York,New York 10001

Rabbi Mordechai Friedman
President/Av Bais Din


Igros Mordechai/Torah Letters Of Rabbi Friedman

Judaism The Series

Rabbinical Membership And Rabbinical Services Worldwide Provided By The American Board of Rabbis

Federation Of American Synagogues (Our Congregational Arm)

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