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Welcome to WhiteHunter-ShadowWings Holt

You have traveled for days in the mountains. Storms have raged done on you and you have totally lost your way. Suddenly you see smoke coming out from a cave. Climbing up, you see elves and their beasts all over the place. A two elves approach is obvious that they are in charge.

"Welcome stranger to WhiteHunter/ShadowWing Holt. You are welcome as long as you do not disturb anything or anyone. I am Snowcloud." The female's voice is as soft as the snow fall. She clings happily to the male beside her. She beckons the others hiding in the shadows forward. **Welcome the stranger.**

"I am SilverSun, lifemate to Snowcloud. Welcome."

They leave you on your own to explore the vast caverns. As the fire warms you, you get to know all the elves within the holt. An old elf comes forth and speaks to you.

"I am the Keeper of Knowledge and History. Ask and I shall try to anser you as best as possible."

Current Time: 55 seasons after the Avalanche. First Moon, Dying Season

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