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The Matrix *UNOFFICAL* Fan Page

Well, tWc back on the scene and I'm in the process of adding a new sections, and a couple of other ideas, I still need input for a site member page, and I plan to get a thing that notifies you guys when I update the page (via E-Mail) K? Questions, Ideas, Comments? Write me a letter: To Me, tWc Or

Well guys, I've spent some time working on the page and it's presentable. I would like to send props to: Jared, Kate, Michela, James, Amy, Maralyn, Chelsea, Lori and many others. We are one of the first web pages up on the hot movie "The Matrix" starring Keanu Reeves (Neo), Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), and Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) among many others. On this site we plan to offer the following:

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1) The Matrix Chat Room (It's finally Up)[It uses JAVA so be prepared]

2) About The Author / Shout Outs!

3) Links

4) Guestbook

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5) Character Biographies

6) Actor Biographies

7) Full Script/Screenplay (Slightly Different From Movie Version),

8) Quotes

9a) EASY Quiz

9b) HARD Quiz! (NEW!)

10) Interviews

11) Secrets (NEW!)

12) Picture Gallery *UPDATED!*

13) Sound Gallery

14) The Matrix Overview

15) The Matrix *UNOFFICAL* Fan Page Message Board!

15) The Matrix *UNOFFICAL* Fan Fiction Page

16) The Matrix *UNOFFICAL* Fan Page News

17) The Matrix *UNOFFICIAL* Fan Page DOWNLOADS page! (NEW!)

These thing are what is planned, thanks for putting up with our mess.

E-Mail The WildCard With Ideas, Info, links, etc.

This is The WildCard, just signing in to let everyone know that soon there will be a members site, where I can set your mind free and you can live with us without the Matrix. It is your choice, we can only show you the door, you must open one can tell you what the Matrix must see it for yourself...

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