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A downloadable standalone database and viewing program that allows you to search through names and other data of over 58,000 members of the U.S. Forces that died in the Vietnam war

This file is fairly large at about 3MB!
The download file (setup-v.exe) is a self installing setup program. Download it, then run (double-click) the program file to install the software on your computer. Requires Windows 9x (with Microsoft Foundation Class files: Mscvrt.dll and Mfc42.dll, [ Download (459KB) and unzip to your \windows\system directory; ONLY if you receive an MFC error starting the main program] ). The program uses 10MB of disk space.

Click DOWNLOAD and, if asked, choose Save This Program To Disk...


11AUG00: Updated Version 2.1 adding pay grade and 'hooks' for future statistics program
Setup-v will overwrite program files but leave tags, comments and exceptions

This software is absolutely free, and not for sale or profit, or you will suffer eternal damnation at the mercy of fallen comrades.

Please do not link to this page or file. Download the software and freely distribute it or even import this page and files to your own website. Thank you.
Please report any problems/questions to Lightning:


Date of Event/Death (Uses Event/Action Date and not after the fact war related death date)
Date of Birth
Age at Death (From official death date)
Home City
Home State
Military Branch
Rank/Pay Grade
Military MOS
Marital Status/Sex
Organization/Unit (For Army personnel)
Casualty Type (Official classification) - Body Recovery
Air Ops Info (Additional information on Air Operations)
Reason (Official reason for death)
Panel location on the D.C. Vietnam War Memorial

Unfortunately, some errors are inevitable in listings such as these...


Three Indexes (Sort Orders): NAME, DOD (Date of Death), HOME (City/State)

Ability to 'TAG' (mark) and comment on records of fallen comrades

PAGE (Individual) or LIST (Multiple) views

Find (Search) by: NAME, DOD (Date of Death), HOME (City)

OUTPUT data for Saving or Printing

Viewing modes/Indexes can all be selected interactively


Please report any problems/questions to Lightning:

Although maximum care has been taken in providing accurate information, listings and data provided herein are not official, and do not have any legal or binding status, and do not take precedence over any other documents or notices, past, present or future. The creators of this program and data compilers are acting in the capacity of providers of information already available in various forms and the creators of this program and the data compilers make no claims as to the completeness, currentness or accuracy of any listing or data contained herein. Any differences or discrepancies between the listings or data contained herein and listings or data available from other sources can be reconciled only by the user of this program in contacting the appropriate United States Government agencies.

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