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NYS Unaccounted for from the Vietnam War (as of 27 July 1999)

1. Heinz Ahlmeyer Jr., USMC 2. Paul Andrew Avolese, USAF 3. Kenneth Frank Backus, USAF 4. John Eugene Bartocci, USN 5. David Fritz Bittenbender, USAF 6. Herndon Arrington Bivens, USA 7. Joseph Chester Bors, USAF 8. Peter Robert Bossman, USN 9. Donald Charles Breuer, USMC 10. Jack Walter Brunson, USA 11. Charles William Burkart, USAF 12. Anthony Frank Cavalli, USAF 13. Joseph Angelo Cestare, USMC 14. Gary Anthony Chavez, USAF 15. William Chomyk, USAF 16. Joseph Christiano, USAF 17. Arnold Collins, USMC 18. William Kevin Colwell, USAF 19. Donald Gilbert Cook, USMC 20. Henry Albert Coons, USN 21. Barton Sheldon Creed, USN 22. Bruce Allen Crosby Jr., USA 23. Gerald Joseph Crosson Jr., USAF 24. John Edward Crowley, USA 25. William Joseph Crumm, USAF 26. Raymond Vince DeBlasio Jr., USN 27. James Richard Dennison, USN 28. Robert Joseph DiTommaso, USAF 29. Morris Frederick Dibble, USA 30. Hubert Hugh Dilger, USN 31. John Francis Dingwall, USMC 32. Robert Raymond Dyczkowski, USAF 33. Raymond L. Echevarria, USA 34. Joseph Peter Fanning, USAF 35. Ronald James Fegan, USN 36. Walter Ferguson Jr., USA 37. Sanford Ira Finger, USA 38. Brendan Patrick Foley, USAF 39. Robert Eugene Foster, USAF 40. Ian Jack Franks, USA 41. Peter Joseph Frederick, USAF 42. Albert Henry Gates Jr., USMC 43. Vincent Frank Giammerino, USA 44. George Gregory Gierak Jr., USN 45. Douglas John Glover, USA 46. Frank Alton Gould, USAF 47. Jose Antonio Graniela, USA 48. Hans Herbert Grauert, USN 49. Harold Edwin Gray Jr., USN 50. Francis George Graziosi, USA 51. Earl Wilfre Grenzebach Jr., USAF 52. Peter Arthur Grubb, USAF 53. Stephen Harold Haight, USA 54. David Paul Halpin, USN 55. Gregory John Harris, USMC 56. Roy Elbert Haviland, USN 57. Richard William Hawthorne, USMC 58. Richard Walter Herold, USAF 59. Vincent Joseph Hickman, USAF 60. John Alexander House II, USMC 61. Richard Herman Johnson, USMC 62. Thomas Paul Jones, USN 63. Bruce Edward Kane, USMC 64. Joseph Thomas Kearns Jr., USAF 65. Freddie Kemp, USA 66. Richard Abbot Kibbey, USAF 67. Johathan Peter Kmetyk, USMC 68. Frederic Woodrow Knapp, USN 69. Donald Paul Knutsen, USA 70. Theodore Eugene Kryszak, USAF 71. Ismael Laureano-Lopez, USA 72. Leonardo Capistrano Leonor, USAF 73. Ashton Nathaniel Loney, USMC 74. Charles Macko, USAF 75. Richard Michael Mancini, USN 76. James Alfred Marshall, USAF 77. Edwin Juan Martinez-Mercado, USA 78. Jerry McConnell, USA 79. Joseph William McDonald, USMC 80. John Lee McElroy, USAF 81. Arthur Edward McLeod, USA 82. Richard Arthur Miller, USMC 83. Albert Cook Mitchell, USAF 84. James Rodney Moore, USMC 85. Richard Thomas Morrisey, USMC 86. Harry Seeber Mossman, USN 87. Terence Meridith Murphy, USN 88. Michael Thomas Newell, USN 89. Daniel Russell Nidds, USA 90. Kevin O'Brien, USAF 91. John Francis O'Grady, USAF 92. Robert Ochab, USAF 93. Timothy Samuel Owen, USA 94. Eugene Matthew Pabst, USAF 95. Alexander J. Palenscar III, USN 96. Don Brown Parsons Jr., USN 97. Elton Lawrence Perrine, USAF 98. William Phelps, USAF 99. Peter Xavier Pike, USAF 100. Albert Pitt, USMC 101. Kenneth Leo Plumadore, USMC 102. Robert Ernest Rausch, USAF 103. Paul Darwin Raymond, USAF 104. Richard John Reardon, USN 105. Gomer David Reese III, USAF 106. David Richard Reynolds, USA 107. Leonard Robertson, USMC 108. Kenneth Mills Roraback, USA 109. Richard Joseph Rossano, USA 110. James Milan Rozo, USA 111. Peter John Russell, USA 112. *** 113. Walter Roy Schmidt Jr., USMC 114. Robert Harry Schuler Jr., USAF 115. James Lee Shanks, USAF 116. Geofrey Raymond Shumway, USN 117. Thomas Walter Sitkek, USN 118. Carl Arthur Smith, USMC 119. Phillip Charles Taylor, USA 120. Phillip Bradford Terrill, USA 121. Ronald Terrance Terry, USA 122. Donald Earl Thompson, USN 123. William Dempsey Thornton, USA 124. Paul Douglas Tice, USMC 125. Francis Edward Visconti, USMC 126. James Edward Widener, USMC 127. Peter Joe Wilson, USA 128. Robert Carl Wistrand, USAF 129. William Michael Wogan, USA 130. Jack Wolpe, USMC 131. Charles Luther Young, USA 132. Jerry Allen Zimmer, USMC 133. Andrew Gilbert Zissu, USN

***EMAIL FROM TOM SCHOTTMILLER, Thanks Bro, Sgt.Fats POW/MIA FOUND AND ID, Pvt. Jose Sanchez of New York IS HOME!!! From: Tom Schottmiller To: sgtfats RE: Pvt. Jose Sanchez # 112 on your POWMIA Vietnam list has been recovered, ID, and has been returned home... thank god, No Rest till they ALL Come Home.... Marines' Remains in Vietnam ID'd January 14, 2009 UPI The remains of four U.S. Marines killed in 1968 when their helicopter was shot down in Vietnam have been identified, the Defense Department said. Pvt. Jose Sanchez of New York, Lance Cpl. Kurt La Plant of Kansas, Lance Cpl. Luis Palacios of California and Lance Cpl. Ralph Harper of Indiana are to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in the spring, The New York Times reported. The Joint POW/MIA. Accounting Command, based in Hawaii, said that the crash site near the Khe Sanh base was excavated in 2006. Relatives contributed DNA samples to help identify bone fragments. Sanchez, 19 when he died, enlisted in the Marines after growing up in Brooklyn. "He said he wanted to be with the best," his younger brother, Peter Sanchez, said. Sanchez said that his mother began crying when she learned that her son's remains had been found. Sanchez and the others were on their way to rescue a group of Marines pinned down by enemy fire when the helicopter was shot down. To observe a Marine, is inspirational To be a Marine...... is exceptional Semper Fi

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