A Time To Remember (p.4)

Doc Ogden Nov.68

The photo above of Doc Ogden was supplied by John Morrison (Bravo 4-2) , John stated that, as you can see, Doc Ogden did like the children, Thanks John.

The following was written by Augie Pisano (B 2/47)

I am so proud of you,for what you are,and what you feel and do
for our boys. A very special friend.
First-Edward Paul
Home of record-Dallas,TX
Date of birth-1/10/45
Start of tour-9/6/68
Date of casualty-1/23/69
Age at time of loss-24
Casualty type-(A2)Hostile,died of wounds
Reason-Other explosive device(ground casualty)
Province-Long An
I still can't find his address,i wanted to maybe write his family and send them a belt that he had given me when mine broke in nam. Doc Ogden and i use to sing a song in the back of the track.The song was called,"You Cheated You Lied, You Said That You Love Me" He played a guitar,till this very day 30 yrs later when i hear that song i have tears flowing down my face.HELP ME FIND HIS FAMILY.

I forgot to tell you that the belt has his name and seriel#
inside of it,that's why i thought maybe the family can get
it.Also Doc Harold Petersen,was the medic in the chopper when
he flew him out from when he was hit,by a mine.Doc told me that
he gave him intrivenus while they were flying to the hospital.


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