Let It Go

 By Ron Allen
    We were only in our teens when they handed us a gun, 
    They dressed us all in green and said "now go kill Charlie son".

    While the Congressmen were sitting home reading about the war,
    we were reading coordinate maps and facing death and gore.

    The enemy was old and young, a face without a name. 
    But little kids with hand grenades can kill you just the same.

    People who were innocent probably were killed. 
    But we ALL lost our innocence as body bags were filled
    The bodies have been buried but the war goes on today,
    and now some people even want to take bronze stars away.

    Just like our Dads before us, we love the U.S.A.
    But they came back as heroes and they still are today.

    We went from high school seniors to Viet Nam recruits,
    don't criticize unless you've walked a mile in our boots.

    People like Dan Rather look for ratings for their show,
    we just look for closure, please, it's time to let it go.

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