For The Future

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"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.", (Abraham Maslow [1908-1970], American psychologist, writer)

The Question

The Question


With Icicle Fingers Reaching and Wrapping Around My Neck From Behind

They Try To Mold Me To What They Know Of The World,

I Tried To Educate Them,

They Wouldn't Have It,

"But We Saw You At The Reunion ......",

Who Was It You Saw?

A Facade.

A Masquerade.

A Veneer So Thin That Water in The Form of Sweat Poured Through?

Underneath Is Who I Am.

I Cannot Be Who You Want Me To Be.

I was Molded By The Same War That Had Such A Different Effect On Each of Us.

Why Can't You Understand..?

But Wait,

Wait Until You Retire.

Wait Until You Have Real Time.

See Who Else The Ghosts of The Past Will Grab.

With Their Icicle Fingers.

The Present

What have we learned in our lifetimes? What have we taught our children? Why do we still have wars? Why do we glorify the killing of our young when the "cause" seems right and yet not understand when high school students kill? There is no "glory" in dying before one's natural time! Doesn't anyone see what is going on? Why must it be that lives end tragically and too soon? If we consider that there are no persons greater than our selves shouldn't we realize there are no persons lesser than ourselves? What gives anyone the right to decide who lives and who dies? No person feels the pain of loss more strongly than those who were close to those that are gone, why is it that we then forget to tell our children what it is REALLY like in war?

Light at The End

Light At The End


"...there is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs."- Dwight Eisenhower

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