A Different Kind of War

For those that did not live it and for those that did, I present these photos, taken in front of the Officer's Quarters in Saigon in 1966*. They show the incredible resolve of the Vietnamese people, represented here by Bhuddist monks, who in protest of the war and in the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, were trying to show the world the true agonies of war. Sadly, during the time of the Vietnam War these images were all too common, Vietnam being the first "TV" war which had it's images sent into the living rooms of America on the nightly news. No longer were the images of war confined solely to the memories of those in battle. These and many other images elevated Vietnam into a new form of warfare fought on both the physical and the psychological levels. SGT. FATS

(*Photos were sent to me by my friend Andrew Gonci.)




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