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WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Date Champion # Location

09-16-2007 Batista (3) Memphis, TN
07-17-2007 Great Khali (1) Laredo, TX
05-09-2007 Edge (1) Pittsburgh, PA
04-01-2007 Undertaker (1) Detroit, MI
11-26-2006 Batista (2) Philadelphia, PA
07-24-2006 King Booker (1) Indianapolis, IN
04-02-2006 Rey Mysterio (1) Chicago, IL
01-11-2006 Kurt Angle (1) Philadelphia, PA
January 11, 2006: World Heavyweight Champion Batista vacated the title due to injuries. The World title would then be decided in a 20 man over the top Battle Royal.
June 30, 2005: World Heavyweight Champion Batista was drafted to Smackdown.
04-03-2005 Batista (1) Los Angeles, CA
01-09-2005 Triple H (5) San Juan, PR
December 06, 2004: Title vacated due to previous week's controversy when Edge pinned Chris Benoit while Edge tapped to the crossface at the same time in a triple threat match with Triple H.
09-12-2004 Triple H (4) Portland, OR
08-15-2004 Randy Orton (1) Toronto, CA
03-14-2004 Chris Benoit (1) New York, NY
12-14-2003 Triple H (3) Orlando, FL
09-21-2003 Goldberg (1) Raleigh, NC
12-15-2002 Triple H (2) Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11-17-2002 Shawn Michaels (1) New York, NY
09-02-2002 Triple H (1) Milwaukee, MI
September 02, 2002: Brock Lesnar defected to Smackdown permanently, taking the Undisputed title with him. Eric Bischoff reinstates the World heavyweight title and names Triple H as the new champion.
12-09-2001 Chris Jericho (1) San Diego, CA
11-19-2001 The Rock (1) Charlotte, NC
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