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The Eddie Guerrero UPN Special

The UPN special began with Eddie driving around through his hometown of El Paso, Texas. They showed a montage of clips from various people in Eddie's life of what is to come. Eddie describes his childhood as a good one. His mom says that she chose the Eduardo name for him. Eddie says that his dad, Gory, was originally going to train to become a boxer, but went with wrestling instead. Eddie listed the children in order of their birth; his sister Mary, his brothers Chavo Sr., Mando, and Hector, followed by himself, and his sister Linda. Hector said that Eddie was a great kid growing up. Mando added that Eddie used to go around to everyone's bedroom and wake them up in the mornings. Mrs. Guerrero shows some of Eddie's baby pictures, and they also play some home movies. Eddie admitted to being a mama's boy. Mrs. Guerrero then tells a story about when Eddie was four she would literally carry him to preschool. When they'd get a block or two away he'd tell her to put him down, but then when she went to pick him up he'd always want her to carry him home again. Eddie says that he was shy and quiet in high school. They show him going to a taco shop that Eddie said he would eat lunch at practically everyday. He poses for pictures with fans and signs autographs in the shop. Eddie said he played football, basketball, and baseball, but when he got to high school he stuck to just wrestling.

Eddie's sister Linda says that they grew up with a wrestling ring in their backyard. Hector says that their dad would make them set up the ring as punishment when they got in trouble. Eddie then discusses his father promoting shows in Juarez and El Paso. He added that the shows in El Paso ran every Monday night for 12 years. Because of Eddie getting into mischief as a youngster, Chavo Sr. said they had a "Beware of Eddie" sign in the arena. Chavo Jr. said that he and Eddie would get there early and run around inside the arena, and sneak free popcorn. During the intermissions they would put their gear on and go out to the ring and wrestle. Eddie was 9 and Chavo Jr. was 6 at the time. The fans loved it. They wouldn't even get up to leave. They would stay right through intermission and watch them. Mando said Eddie was born to wrestle. Eddie said he started training with Hector Rincon and Art Flores. Rincon described the different people that wrestled in the territory including Andre the Giant, Superstar Billy Graham, Jesse Ventura, the midgets, and Bobo Brazil. Mando told a story about a young Eddie going up to Bobo Brazil and pulling on his leg. Eddie asked Bobo if one of the midgets was his kid, Bobo jokingly said yes, and then Eddie wanted to know if he could wrestle him. Eddie said when he would wrestle, he'd look over at his father Gory, Gory would shake his head, Eddie would wonder what he's doing wrong and try that much harder to please him. Eddie said he wanted to live up to the family name.

(Commercial Break)

Eddie said his father used to drive him to school in a Pinto at about 10 mph. Eddie would duck down so the other kids wouldn't see him. Talk turns to his love of lowriders. Eddie describes the lowrider as a modern day expression of the Mexican culture. They showed a montage of the different lowriders that he has driven out to the ring over the last several months. Eddie looks at some artwork underneath some overpasses, and compares them to Aztec art.

Eddie talks about meeting his wife Vickie on a blind date. Vickie described him as funny, romantic, and very loveable. She said that Eddie's mom was wonderful to her, however, his dad was really sick at the time. When it came time to make wedding plans, Gory told Eddie to live his life. Gory died on a Tuesday, they buried him on Friday, and Eddie and Vickie got married on Saturday.

Eddie says he started wrestling in Mexico City. Vickie says she called his mom crying, because he would be gone for such long periods of time. Mrs. Guerrero told Vickie that it was her job to run the household and be both mother and father to the children. Eddie says he set his goals for Mexico and Japan, because in the U.S. smaller wrestlers weren't the "in style." He said it took him about 5 to 6 years to finally start becoming successful. Eddie said that his brother Chavo had success in Japan, so he decided to tour over there. He toured as himself at first, but then adopted the guise of Black Tiger. Eddie says Japan is where he first met Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. They show footage from New Japan Pro Wrestling of Eddie as Black Tiger wrestling Chris Benoit. Eddie says Benoit legitimately knocked him out that in that match. Eddie and Malenko talk about their feud in ECW. They show footage of the final match they had in ECW, before the jump to WCW. Eddie said he was surprised because the ECW fans were known for their love of violence, but he and Dean were giving them an actual wrestling match, and they were loving it. The match ended with wrestlers coming out of the dressing room, plus the fans giving them a standing ovation, and chanting, "Please don't go!"

Eddie discusses the move to WCW. They show clips of the WCW Cruiserweight Title match he had at Halloween Havoc with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio said that wrestling Eddie brings out the best in him. Eddie said that as he started getting more success, he started drinking, taking pills, and experimenting with "other stuff." After a party on New Year's Eve night in 1999, Eddie was driving his car. He had been taking GHB for sleep, but in reality it was to get high. He said one capful was enough to put him out, and on that night he had taken three. Eddie said he was driving at 130 mph, fell asleep, hit a ditch, the car flipped several times, and he was shot out from the inside. He said the cops thought he was dead. Vickie, who was in tears while describing that night, said it was really hard. Hector said that Eddie wasn't supposed to live. Chavo Sr. said that the family gathered together and prayed for Eddie at the hospital. Vickie said that the doctors told them Eddie would never wrestle again, and that he would have to learn how to walk again. Dean Malenko said that he had hoped this accident would open Eddie's eyes. Eddie said that it didn't even make a dent.

(Commercial Break)

Eddie said he was supposed to be out for a year, but he pushed himself and came back in six months. They showed clips of a match with Juventud Guerrera from WCW. Eddie said he knew he came back too soon and started taking pain pills, which led to his first overdose. Vickie said that she called 9-1-1 in a panic. When the paramedics got there, Eddie didn't have a pulse. He was taken to the hospital and placed on a respirator for 2 days. Eddie said that his second overdose came two months later when they were in El Paso for the Guerrero family Christmas celebration. Eddie said he started drinking. Later that evening Mando said he heard Eddie coughing. Mrs. Guerrero added that Eddie was turning blue. His sister Linda called 9-1-1. Linda added that she was upset with Eddie for doing this to them.

One year later, Eddie said he joined Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn in asking for their releases from WCW, and making the jump to WWE. They showed clips from Eddie's storyline with Chyna. Vickie said that she was always Eddie's real mamacita. Their daughter Sherilyn tried to explain Latino Heat. Their daughter Shaul said she liked her dad's little shimmy.

Eddie said that Benoit and Malenko knew about his substance abuse problem, but he said he didn't think they knew how bad it had gotten. Dean said that they tried to talk to Eddie about it at first, but that didn't work. Dean then said that Eddie doesn't know this but he, Benoit, and Saturn went to Jim Ross in San Antonio one night and told him about Eddie's problem. The person conducting the interview off camera tells Eddie for the first time about Malenko's comments. Eddie response was "That hurts." Malenko said he didn't want to be one of those wrestlers that gets to an arena and finds out that one of his best friends was found dead in his hotel room. Eddie said that he knew why the other Radicalz did what they did. Malenko said that Eddie showed up in bad shape to a show in Minneapolis. They guys wanted to try and protect him, but Dean said there was a part of him hoping Eddie would bump into Jim Ross that night. Ross said they knew that night that there was something wrong and that Eddie needed to get help. They told him to either go home or go to rehab. Vickie said she begged him to go to rehab and even threatened divorce. Eddie went to rehab. Eddie's sponsor in rehab, Bob Barger, said Eddie tried to prove he wasn't an alcoholic anymore. He went to experiment at a bar. Eddie says he started with one drink, then two, and before he knew it he was at the bottom of the bottle. He then lined up approximately nine shots in a row. Eddie's says he didn't remember much after that, but remembers waking up in jail on a DUI charge. He says his name was in the papers, and his children called to ask why he was doing this. It was then that he realized he can never drink again. Vince McMahon said that he thinks Eddie is a wonderful guy, but it was becoming hidden under his drug use.

(Commercial break)

Eddie said that hardest thing to do is wake up to someone you love and realize they no longer love you. Eddie said he had ruined everything he worked so hard for. He said that he didn't want to kill himself, but he didn't want to be alive anymore either. Vince explained that Eddie had to hit rock bottom before he could realize what he had and what he can be again. Eddie got the call from Jim Ross that he was fired. Eddie was told "If Vince keeps you on, what kind of message does that send to the other wrestlers." Barger said Ross chewed Eddie out over the phone, and called him a disgrace to the company. Chavo Sr. said he got Eddie booked on some indy shows. Mysterio said that he ran into Eddie on an indy show, Eddie told him what happened, and Rey told him "Well thank God, that you're alive, and you're here." Vince said that his door is always open and that he is good about giving second chances most of the time. Eddie has another chance, and he is just taking it hours at a time.

(Commercial break)

Eddie said that he and Vickie started seeing each other again. They started with a lunch date, and then went to a movie together. Vickie claimed he was like the old Eddie again. Eddie explained that during the two year time period they were separated, he fathered another daughter, Kayley Marie. Vickie said that Kayley has been welcomed into their family. In January of 2003, they renewed their vows. Eddie said it was like starting over. Shaul said it was great to be at her parents "second" wedding since she wasn't there the first time. Sherilyn said she loved having her mom and dad together again.

Chavo Jr. starts discussing the lie, cheat, and steal gimmick. He said it was originally just a joke, but it took off. They showed clips of the various vignettes that they filmed. Eddie said the fans loved it. He added we lie, cheat, and steal, but at least we're honest about it. Shaul thought the bits were funny. Mando agreed. They showed clips of Eddie hitting people with objects behind the referee's back and then playing possum.

(Commercial break)

Eddie said that the frog splash came about 15 years ago. Art Barr was the first guy to start using it. Eddie said Art looked like a frog doing it, hence the name frog splash. Next, they showed Eddie vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship at No Way Out. After Eddie won the title he went and celebrated in the crowd. His mom was there. Back at the entrance way, Eddie says he looked up at Gory in Heaven, and said "Dad, wrestling is for me." Chavo Sr. said that he is very proud of all Eddie has accomplished. They showed other wrestlers coming up to him in the back and congratulating him. They showed Eddie calling Vickie to tell her he won. They showed Eddie hugging Vince in the locker room. Benoit said that Eddie's story really needed to be told. Eddie said that he is very ashamed of what he did, but he's not ashamed of taking steps to correct those mistakes. They showed more Eddie clips including his celebration with Benoit at Wrestlemania XX. Eddie said all the emotional highs he gets now from wrestling are a gift from God.


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