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I hate this...I always have this large space and I dont
know what to put here.

Nov.22. HAHHA added a new friends area! I still have lots of pages i made that i havent linked up yet.
August 4. Added my personal message to the world page
August 3. Added Kitty shrine and linked FanFiction to my Trent Altar
August 2.Added Trents info page, and The other woman page(daria, go through the altar to access them both). As well as a link to daria spades site
July 31. Added Daria FanFic page and new rant
July 23. Added a few pics, and a disclaimer as well as a new prayer in my Altar De Trent, oh and a Rants page..
July 22. Added 3 more poems, The Altar De Trent and some lists full of nothing important
July 3rd. Added crap i wrote, and fun room with nothing in it
First made: Somehwere around June 10th 1999