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Wheel of Time related
Story page

Good day to you. I hope the journey here was a pleasant one..... Oh, it was? That's good. My name? My name is Nymphia Marisa Sedai, member of the community on Dragonmount, the White Tower, the Green Ajah. What I'm doing here? Here I want to tell you something about me and about some friends of mine.

On this page I want to put the Wheel of Time related stories that I, and others have written. All of these stories are somehow related to the WoT community on Dragonmount

Stories written by me (and others) till now :)

The Morning After

Nymphia Marisa Sedai - biography

Accepted test

The death of my warder

Don't mess with the Green (written together with Lanfir)

Mass Silly Story

Under the following link you will find some info about the Wheel of Time series

I also want to show you my character picture. This character is born from another, called Nimfje, but since that was kind of hard to pronounce for some of the other members of Dragonmount, I changed it into Nymphia.

For those among you that are interested, here I have put some info about me.

Visit my photoalbum (RL).

Some of my favourite sites

This is another site I have created. It is for a band, Tha Clique Original. They make reggea-like music and are very nice guys :) Go take a look!
Tha Clique Original

Dragonmount is a pretty cool site with message boards and Role Playing Games, all Wheel of Time related

This is the homepage of a friend of mine, this page is also WoT-related *g*
Lanny's homepage

This is the site of a friend of mine, Gallorand. Go take a look
Gallorands site

This is a page where you can find all the biographies of all the characters on Dragonmount
Character Listings

Another site that includes the members of Dragonmount is the page Lone Wolf created. This is a RL picture page

This is the site of a guy named Gandalf the White. It's mostly stories and art. Check it out!
Gandalf's site

This is the page of Siuan Sedai, a member of the Yellow Ajah at Dragonmount. her site looks really cool, go take a look.
Siuan's site

This is the site of the Green Ajah, the Ajah that I am in. It has been improved a lot and still not finished ;) Go take a look.
Green Ajah

This little banner below is a link. By following this link you will find lots of other WoT-related sites. This is a webring.

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If you have any suggestions, comments, compliments or whatever about my site, email me at
If you just want to email me for no reason...... That's ok too *g*

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