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Joanne L's Story

I have been very busy with a sick daughter, who has this Lyme disease, along with myself. I have had this for six years, and during my pregnancy, I was bitten at six months, and my youngest child was born with the disease.

To make a long story short, he was put on life support for five days; he came around but stayed in ICU for three months. He is six today, and doing well. Doctors at (censored) had a hard time believing Lyme was the problem as my husband made them do all kinds of testing, which they did not want to do. But thank God we are friends with my OBGYN. He ordered the tests, and they were all positive.

I fight like hell with people doctors, and I tell them this is no thirty day cure. I was lucky with my son, however, my daughter is another story. We do have an excellent doctor in (censored). I know she is on Mepron and Zithromax twice a day since the end of July. If I have to march, scream, pull hair, kick ass, punch a doctor; I will. This disease is no short-term treatment. I did write to Senator Kennedy and our Governor; I even thought to write the President. What a joke the letter in return was -- as if you wrote to the newspaper; he is a waste.

As far as DR. B. is concerned, I wrote a letter on how I felt, and that they should leave him alone. My Dad wrote separately, as did my husband, my mother-in-law, and my six children. I am hoping the six year old's letter goes far along with the pictures of his birth. Maybe then they can see what a disease this is.

Thanks, Joanne Litwinski

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