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Terri's Story

As of August of this year I was finally diagnosed as having Lyme disease. "The ten year old," (that's what I call my family doctor}, has never felt I have had anything except a great imagination. When my doctor gave up on me I was lucky to find a physician in Mays Landing, NJ.

Dr. DeMarco has been a life saver for me. All the symptoms I never told anyone about (was afraid they would commit me), I did tell to her. She sat for over an hour and explained the reasons that these things were happening and even sat down and explained each and every result of the tests she had given me. I am a teacher. I wanted to learn about my disease. She gave me my answers.

I wish I had found her before the 6 years I suffered. Each time I read a story about others who suffer from Lyme, somehow this makes me stronger in the knowledge that I am not just some "nut case."


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