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Audrey M's Story

I was at a friend's house not too far from where I live. We were outside for the day. I never thought anything about ticks and having trouble. I found one on me, in the triceps area of my arm. It had been there all day feeding, but not full. I did not remove it the way I should have. I caused it to put more infection in me by burning it. I called the doctor at the hospital and he said "what the hell are you doing calling me at this hospital Emergency Room over a damn tick?" We don't have Lyme in this area.

Well, after that I never thought any more about it. I listened to an idiot. Six months later my face was going numb and I was very dizzy. I went to the doctor, but he could not find anything wrong. I proceeded to get worse; Infections one after the other. I got very tired and could not do as much. I was race walking 10 miles a day (sometimes two times the 10). I was always like this I did not understand.

I started having migraines constantly. Then my eyes felt like they were going to fall out bulging from pressure. Then my knees were killing me. I could not put my arms above my head for very long. I was a volunteer for building our meeting places for church. I had to quit. This hurt not be able to do what I use to. I could hardly move by the second year. My regular MD was very understanding. I had to get financial help with my medical bills; they're were up to $5,000.

I went to one specialist after another. They said that nothing was wrong -- that I was not dying from cancer or some other disease. They said that I suffered from depression and that they had a drug that would help me; Prozac. This was a doctor from Ku hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Well, I told her "let me cut your arm off and tell you it does not hurt -- that it's all in your head!" She said we can tell you're so depressed from the way you're acting. I said to her "I'm not giving up and all of you can take the Prozac yourself because your going to need it." I went to their head doctor and he said agreed that I was depressed.

I told him to take his own pills. I went back to my doctor and told him how I was treated and he cried for me. I felt sad for him. He moved to Texas and the new doctor came from Colorado and she said "this sounds like Lyme Disease." I started crying because there was a problem. Just to know that there was an illness causing my suffering gave me some hope. I was so sick hurting all the time everywhere.

So I tried and lost 10 lbs. You could tell. She caught the problem and the test showed positive. The medicine used to treat the Lyme infection was Rocephin, but it cost $2,000, and I did not have the money. So the new doctor got real nasty about the money and denied my having Lyme, so I got a hold of the test report. I had fun with this. I sent a copy to all of the doctors they had me see at Kansas City, KU hospital, and told them "next time listen your patients and I sent an article about Lyme with it and let them have it.

I want to tell you also what I have been doing to help people. I have put stories in the local paper and getting the word out about the ticks here. Then I have been taking classes to help others with exercise. I'm a personal trainer. I want to go their homes and help them build their strength back up. They can contact me for help.

Audrey Martiny, 913-285-1607

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