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Lee H's Story

I was fired from my job because I have Lyme disease. I went to an arbitration hearing over it and won -- then the company did away with my position, and I was unemployed within a week. They reinstated the position and refused to rehire me.

I was dropped by the private disability insurance carrier when I became disabled by Lyme isease for 6 months, in 1993. My present employer is trying to fire me because I got bitten by another tick and have Lyme disease. One boss doesn't believe that I'm sick. He Doesn't want to pay for prescriptions, insurance premiums, etc. The other one thinks that I won't ever get well.

It took 6 months and 12 doctors before I was given a diagnosis of Lyme disease, and finally given the appropriate medical treatment in 1993. My wife was thinking about getting the new Lyme vaccine; she got the blood test before getting the shot and is positive for Lyme disease. Now she is on antibiotics.


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