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Jeanette's Story

Because I like the outdoors and also have horses I am a prime target for ticks. While I have never been officially diagnosed as having Lyme disease I had many of the symptoms. I had migrating achy joints, vision and memory problems. I had so little strength that I needed two hands to pick up the morning newspaper even though I had previously been lifting 50 pound grain sacks.

I was also always tired and needed aspirin all the time to get thru the day. I did not go to the doctor right away because the symptoms started so slowly. Many of my friends who were nature lovers were being treated for Lyme disease. I suspected that I had it also. Luckily for me I had a physician who was sympathetic and a believer. He said that since all the tests gave false positives and false negatives he prescribed antibiotics if you had symptoms.

I was slow in seeking medical attention because the symptoms were somewhat vague. It was easy to attribute much of the pain to possible muscle pulls from riding. I was on a month long course of antibiotics four times in about 18 months. It took a couple of years for all the pain and tiredness to go away. Looking back, I wish I had been treated sooner. I suppose could blame the first doctor I visited who did not suspect Lyme disease and only treated me for a sore throat.

I really should only blame myself for not being more informed and more insistent on treatment. Society would be helped if there was more education and awareness about Lyme disease. My story might not have the sorted details that 20/20 is looking for because my doctor DID prescribe antibiotics when I asked him to. I also now seem to be O.K.

I just wish that there was more education out there so that others would see a doctor sooner when they have Lyme symptoms that do not always include a bull's eye rash. I lost a lot of productive time in my life because I was too tired to do anything.


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