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Marie D's Story

I will be brief as I do not feel well enough to type a long summary at this point. I was seeing a psychiatrist for a few years for depression and anxiety. I dismissed any physical symptoms as getting older(at 35). My days started out with pain in my joints and ended that way, along with the worst "flu" I had ever felt. I had low grade fevers, knee, back and neck pain all day, everyday.

I thought I must be doing too much in one day, and needed to slow down. My vision got blurry, when I could ALWAYS see very well, so this alarmed me also. My memory was at its worst, and I thought "how could I be so forgetful and confused at 35 years old?" I spoke to my psychiatrist a lot about these peculiar symptoms, as I thought I was losing it! Well, relief FINALLY came, when I soon discovered she too had Lyme Disease. She recommended that I be tested and sure enough I came back positive, with many bands showing that I had this disease.

I was ecstatic -- they had a name to the hell I had been going through!! I wasn't crazy! More tests were done to be sure, one being the Western Blot and the other an ELISA test; both were positive. I was soon referred to a specialist, Dr. Sam Donta, who has been a blessing; he's one of THE best!! Someone finally understood and cared!! He ordered more tests, and also, a brain SPECT scan which showed one area of my brain having inadequate blood flow, which affected my memory.

A year later another scan was done to compare (after LOTS of antibiotics) to the last scan, and ANOTHER area shows inadequate blood supply! I have been on oral antibiotics as well as IV antibiotics, and very little relief was offered. I got the infamous Herxheimer reaction each time I was on another regimen of antibiotics, which makes you feel so much sicker.

My boyfriend of 16 years was diagnosed a year before me, and at first, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He thought maybe this is it, as his cousin has it, and is in a wheelchair at 43 years old. He will tell his own story soon, here! I can not write anymore at this pont; my neck is in agony, and my memory is not serving me the way I'd like. I feel so hopeless and down much of the time. I was supposed to start more IV antibiotics about 6 months ago, but I was so sick of it all that I never went to get another PICC line put in.

I know, I need to get another appointment with Dr. Donta who works at Boston University, and get that IV PICC line put in again! I just want to be the way I used to b -- active, happy, etc. Thanks for listening to my story. I've left a lot out but will keep you posted. I will update you with any progress. I love you all, and God Bless each and everyone, and Special Thanks To PSpatches!! I wasn't as brief as I thought I'd be!!

Bless all, Marie D.

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