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Coleen's Story

Where do I begin?? The summer of '97 I developed a rash on my left thigh. At the same time I became severly ill and had horrible neck and chest pains. My knees also were hurting. I called my Dr. and he didn't have any appointments and told me to go to the emergency room. When I asked what this rash could be he said "I don't know."SHOULD HAVE LEFT HIM THEN!!" I went to the emergency room and was told that the rash was a virus leaving my body -- they didn't find anything to tell me what the neck, knee, and chest pains were.

I went for a week and finally saw the doctor. The rash was now fading. I showed him it and he said the Emergency Room was right and that I would be fine. Did I tell you I was 8 weeks pregnant? The joint pain got worse. I couldn't walk and began to drag my legs up the stairs. I called the doctor and he said "If it's that bad go to the E.R. again." I went to the E.R. This time they didn't do one test. I was told these were aches and pains of pregnancy and to learn to live with them. I duffered for 7 more months.

Finally, I couldn't open my mouth, and the pain was horrible. I went back to the doctor and he began giving me cortizone shots in my knee. Finally, I told my O.B. what was wrong with me. He told me to get a Lyme test. Guess what?? It came back positive. My origional doctor called me and said "Coleen, you have Lyme disease. Now you name the baby an "L" name for lyme." What an IDIOT!!! I thought no, "L" for law suit.

My husband wanted to go down to the office and lay him out!! Still, when he sees this doctor in town, I have to calm my husband down. My daughter was born positive for Lyme. I was told by doctors that it's only my antibodies. I don't believe them. I don't trust any doctors any longer. I only had 4 weeks of amoxicillian since I was pregnant at the time. After I had the baby I told my new Dr. I was still in pain. He told me I had Housemaid's Knee and TMJ. After xrays, it showed no TMJ.

I went to a new doctor and he told me I retested positive for Lyme, but he didn't think I had it. Since I have so many symptoms he will give me I.V. therapy for 4 weeks. If I'm not better after 4 weeks I will have to learn to live with it. On my second visit with him I complained that I could not open my mouth at all and the pain was terrible. He said to me "If you can't open your mouth how did you get so big?" I am not that heavy -- 5ft.7 and weigh 164lbs. Left that idiot.

Finally I have found a Dr. who is willing to work with me. I have had the I.V. in for 9 weeks. I still feel horrible. I have no short term memory. I am always in pain!! I am sick of people thinking this illness is no big deal! Just because I look o.k. doesn't mean I am. I can't work anymore and taking care of my 4 children is a chore!!! I am only 31 years old, but I feel like 81. I am so depressed. I cry all the time. I want to get better ! I am sick of being sick! Two years of this crap!!!

I wish people would see how this disease can destroy people's lives. I wish the health insurance industry would take it seriously. Get this -- I went to apply for new life insurance and was denied because I had a serious illness. Tell that to the health industry!!! I am not getting better even on the I.V. Two weeks ago I had another positive PCR. Three of them so far since my treatment began. I feel like giving up sometimes. I won't though. I miss the person I used to be. Sometimes I want to scream and crawl out of my own body!

Just my story,


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