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Scott's Story

I was a 33 year old healthy male,who was an avid weight lifter and sports nut. I started feeling sick 2 weeks after being in the woods with my son. First I had flu symptoms,then swollen glands and very stiff and sore neck. I went to my general practioner who ran tests for everything but Lyme and all were negative. Than I noticed a red ring around a bite mark and went to my "gp" and asked him to take a Lyme test, which was negative. So now I'm getting worse everyday and I'm losing feeling in my legs, so I go to the ER and they tell me that I probably have MS.

So now I can barely walk or take care of my one and three year olds. I keep getting tingling throughout my body and lights are bothering me more and more. The neurologist takes a Western blot that comes back with three bands positive, so he sends me to a total of three infectious diease doc's who all say that I don't have Lyme. But one puts me on doxy anyway and admits me to the hospital for a spinal tap that was negative. Now the neurologist starts me on IV steroids and I just totally get worse with depression, so now I go to a new neurologist who puts me on three different types of antidepressants. He says that I have a virus that is infecting my brain and that I should get better. Next I go to a psychiatrist who says I'm not crazy but sick from something.

My symptoms just keep getting worse so I go back to my "gp" and ask for another Western blot which came back with the same 3 bands positive. I finally find help through a Lyme support group which got me to a doctor who started treating me with oral antibiotics, and I seem to be getting better, although not anywhere close to where I used to be. But I'm just happy to be able to take care of my kids and go back to work again. This disease almost ruined my life, and I'm sure it has ruined other's lives; but the thing that makes me really pissed off is that doctors think that people who rarely were sick in the past all of a sudden become depressed for no reason, and are faking there symptoms when all they need to do is a little research..

I would not let them tell me that I was crazy or faking it but there are some people who are not as bold or stubborn as I am, and who are afraid to question their doctor. I hope they find the courage to it, because if I didn't I'm sure I would just be getting worse. My prayers are with all who suffer from this disease and definetly with those who have not tested positive, because of the standards for Lyme disease testing which are set by the Center for Disease Control. I was in your shoes...good luck..

Scott Dever

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