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Cary's Story


I am a 43 year old female with 2 college degrees, who has been 90% bedridden for 6 years out of a 9 year illness. My symptoms are too numerous to describe here, but include a seizure disorder, extreme fatique, pain, brain fog and tachycardia. I show brain damage on brain scans, and it was suspected that I might have Multiple Sclerosis. Even composing this short statement is difficult.

I removed an embedded tick after deer hunting on the King Ranch in south Texas, with a girlfriend. About 6 weeks later she was hospitalized with acute tick-borne disease. I had repeated tick exposures while hunting. Despite these facts, the doctors misdiagnosed me for 7 years. I became sick slowly, and asked to be tested for Lyme in 1992. I had one ELISA test done, and it was negative. I was told I did not have Lyme, but Chronic Fatique Syndrome. Some of the many doctors I saw refused to believe I was sick at all. They were all ignorant as to recognizing and diagnosing Lyme disease. As a result, my life has been destroyed.

I continued to suspect Lyme all along, and after researching proper testing and knowledgeable doctors, in the fall of 1997 I was diagnosed with Lyme. The doctor tells me it will take years to improve because I went misdiagnosed for so long, and that I Iikely have some permanent damage. I pray that insurance will cover all my needed treatment and that my doctor will not be hassled for treating Lyme. He had already had a temporary restriction put on him that for so many months he had to have another doctor corroborate his diagnoses of Lyme. I hope that this short statement will help all those suffering from this devastating illness.


Cary Terrall, Austin, TX

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