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Jackie's Story

Hi everyone,
My name is Jackie.. I guess I have had Lyme for about 14 years. I was just diagnosed 1/16/98. I was bitten by a tick in Pennsylvania, while camping. Well, who knew about Lyme then? I just remember getting really bad headaches. My dentist told me to take Tylenol, so I switched dentists. Then I found out that I have TMJ.

The pain got worse, so I got braces to help the TMJ. The stress from having a baby could also be the problem. I got rashes all over my skin -- the doctor said it was my nerves. My knee, back, neck, and feet also gave me problems on and off. I had swollen glands. Well, then I had foot surgery and that was a big mistake -- the worst surgery you could have. Everything was still killing me. Doctor, doctors; I'm sick of them.

A couple of years went by. I got pregnant and at 12 weeks lost the baby that I waited so long to have. My mom was everything to me; she was my best friend. One week after my miscarriage my mom took a massive heart attack she passed away instantly. Well after that I flipped. I got pregnant again and had another girl, but couldn't handle it. I could never get back on my feet. I went to counseling. Everyone thought I was crazy, always yelling, and flipping out on the kids and my husband. I just wanted to die; I wanted to be with my mom.

I think the death of my mom put me over the edge. I went to my dentist, Doctor Gary Heir, and he gave me the Lyme test. I imagine that he saved my life. I'm still sick, but there is still hope. When I think about people having worse things I say it's not so bad; maybe one day I'll get better.

Well that's most of my story. Thanks for listening...... love and health to all......

Jackie :)

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