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Joan's Story

I am writing to you from Sarasota, Florida. I've had Lyme since l98l - long time. I wasn't diagnosed until around l990 or there abouts. Dr. Burascano was my doctor after years of being misdiagnosed; same usual story. Everytime I came to Florida I did feel better because of the heat. Dr. B suggested, or agreed, that the move would be good for me, and it was for awhile. We finally moved 7 years ago and I did well for awhile.

To find treatment here though is awful. Ironically, the man who bought my last house here was a doctor and we became very friendly with him and his wife. He is now my doctor and has tried his best. He finally took all the writings that I could find from Dr. Burrascano and put me on treatment. He did every other test under the sun and nothing else showed up. Many infectious disease doctors here, told me that I never had Lyme and still don't.

My test supposedly came back negative but the health department got a positive result. They were very interested because there are not many cases around here. I left NY mainly because of my daughter; I was afraid she would get it too.

I was very friendly with Diane Leary from LILA. One of the girls, Carol Laymon, from that group, and my friend, just moved down here also. There is really never anyone here to talk to about Lyme. In N.Y. I literally stayed on the phone from morning 'til night with people that had Lyme and, those who thought they did. We all tried to help eachother. But I lived and breathed Lyme disease.

It wasn't healthy for me or my family. At least coming here and feeling better for awhile let my family stop thinking about it. My daughter was only one when I got sick. She literally grew up with it. At least here her mom is like every other mom. I get sick , put myself back on oral antibotics for about a month, and then recoup.

Is there anything new on treatment or anything else? I did find out that all the girls were being tested for some stealth virus and all testing positive. But I don't think that the treatment for that is very pleasant either. I'm not even sure that those of us with active late stage Lyme can have the vaccine.

Thank you,

Joan Mazzoli, 4861 Hanging Moss Lane, Sarasota, Fl. 34238

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