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Deb's Story

What a bright sunny day it was and I had nothing to do but luxuriate in the glory of the sun and nature. Here we were at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Bourban, Missouri, nestled in a serene country setting. My husband was here on business so I had the house and the day to myself. Hmmmm, a walk and then to settle down and read my novel. Sounds good doesn't it????? That's what I thought.

Then two weeks later, to be exact (I can remember like it was yesterday) we were headed up to meet friends for the weekend, in Galena. Another perfect weekend. I remember sitting in the car and my hands aching; it hurt to open and close them. I thought this to be weird. Over the course of the weekend,I just wasn't feeling right(little did I know that this would be a reoccuring feeling). Than the headaches started. Not too bad, but getting worse as the days went by.

This went on for a couple of weeks with a few more symptoms added on. Tingling on my face, losing feeling on my left sidem night sweats; all scary stuff. I thought I was having a stroke or something worse. OK, time to get myself to the doctor. This was my family doctor. He decided to be on the safe side; an aspirin a day, and for me to get a MRI. The MRI came back fine - no possibility of a stroke or a tumor growing. The headahes worsened and my hands ached. He put me on arthritis med's. This I said is too nuts! You don't just wake up one morning with arthritis; it comes on gradually.

I asked him, "Is it possible a spider or a tick bit me?" I think he ran the Lyme test to appease me. That was fine, because I really thought I was losing my mind or had some terrible unheard of disease. I was never so happy to hear that it came back positive, just to know what I had; then at least I could deal with it. He started me on Doxycycline for 32 days. What a relief! I had burned up the computer to see what category I fell into with my symptoms. I drove my husband looney, and probably others.

I did go to an Infectious diseases doctor, and he seemed to answer many of my questions, and put my mind at ease, for a little while. I also saw a Neurologist, and was checked out thoroughly. Off to the Optomologist I went, because I had what they call floaters in my eye. The Lyme had flared it up. It seems to have calmed down.

I thought that once the medication had ended, that was it, but it wasn't. The symptoms returned. Bammmmm! I had the tingling, fatigue, headaches, and the wierdness on my left side. I could never understand why all my symptoms were on the left side. Hmmmmm! Well they put me on another 32 days of Doxy. I read all the books I could on Lyme. I had to stamp this out and was willing to do anything.

Then more problems started. My stomach couldn't handle the med's. I had terrible heartburn for one week. I felt you could rip my chest out. Off of the med's and on antacids - no relief. Finally I was on extra strength Gaviscon. My Infectious disease doctor changed my prescription to Zithromax. I was on that 2 weeks before my tummy said no more. I had a bit of a scare on this. I went to the ER because for a week I had a pain under my left rib and breastbone. Then one day I had searing, gripping pain through my chest. "Oh Lord was this finally it?"

They treated me just like I was having a heart attack. It really was quite interesting. They did a Cat Scan and chest Xray, and blood gases and an EKG. Finally they ruled out problems with the heart and spleen. I have more tests to take now. My guess is that all these med's are tearing me up. Its not normal to be on antibiotics this long. I went in for this little visit the day before Xmas Eve. I only had fifteen people coming that next day(family), and on Xmas, 23 for a sit down dinner.

I was cooking and shopping, and running around like a turkey waiting to be stuffed. Of course I had time for a little visit to the emergency room. This whole disease has definitely changed my life. Where I go now I don't know, only time will tell. I feel fortunate that I found out early enough. It sure put me through hell and back. I still am unsure and don't know what is ahead, and it scares me. I am thankful for the love of my husband and all of his support. He never thought that this was in my head, and sought for me to find a solution.

My kids were pretty wonderful,too. I am very thankful to all of you Lymies who have helped me with your support and information, and put a smile on my face. Special thanks to PSpatches. By the way I never did get a rash.


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