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Jeri W's Story

Hi, my name is Jeri and I live in Northwest Indiana. I am not sure when I became infected with Lyme the first time, or how many times I have been infected, but I do know this disease is in Indiana. I too had the flu-like symptoms in nice weather and thought it had to be a little strange for this time of year, but blew it off as a virus of some sort.

Some days I could barely move my legs but again thought wow I have really been working these muscles too hard. After a few days of taking it easy, no more pain. Then headaches that were so severe I couldn't stand to be in the sun. My ears hurt and were plugged, so I was sent to a specialist. He said everything looked normal and could not explain the ringing and plugged up feeling that was knocking me off balance.

Then my abdomen started to really hurt and again an Internist could only find that something was causing alot of stress in the intestines and colon. That was after I spent 5 days in a hospital for testing and Demerol for pain. I was sent home with little green capsules to help relieve the stressing inside. My husband had read an article on Lyme and thought we should both be tested.

While I was in the hospital the test came back. He was neg. and I was pos. At least that explained the stress inside. We started Doxy, then Amoxy, then Ceftin. And the biggy: 8 weeks of IV Rocephin. Now we're on Doxy again because the ins. co said that that is all the medical science that has been published says to treat Lyme. According to this research,taking more IV antibiotics is not going to help.

OKAY show me a doc on my review board and then I can be treated longer. I really am tired of Lyme ignorance in our world. When I first was diagnosed I went to my local Board of Health and was told it did not exist here. My jaw dropped. Here I am standing there with my cane in my hand to help me walk, and was tempted to use it as a club to inform the women I had Lyme and have never left the county.

But my better judgement was with me so I educated her and gave her some fact sheets and brochures that everyone had been so kind to send me.We are now working together to educate our community on prevention and awareness.

Good thing I didn't use a club huh? Anyway, since then I have gotten a Proclamation from the Mayor's office for Lyme prevention/Education and Awareness month in my city, and that is a start! That's all I can manage for now. Thank You

We can do it together!

Jerilynn Wright
Indiana, USA

A Proud Daughter Writes About Her Mom's Struggle With Lyme

In my eyes a hero is a normal person but their actions are phenomenal. Everyone thinks of a hero as being a celebrity. People look at talents and judge opinions. But a person's character and personality is what makes up a person, not their skills and talents. My hero is someone who makes me who I am, battles with everyday hardships, and has inspired everyone around her.

My mom is my hero. She has taught me right from wrong and that honesty is the best and only policy. She has made me the person I am today because of her great upbringing. My hero is stubborn and even though I feel she has pushed me too hard at times, I am thankful because I know she wouldn't have done so had she not loved me so much. We are so much alike, but yet, very different.

I like to call her my mini-me because she's shorter than I am and we look a lot alike. She has made me realize that no matter how bad life gets you still have to have hope and faith. She battles with Lyme Disease everyday. But yet she still has some energy to do her motherly duties. Her philosophy is, if she can educate one person and save them from this terrible disease, it's worth the pain she endures daily with her Lyme.

She has written every newspaper in Northwest Indiana. It is hard to see your hero hooked up to an IV everynight and wonder what it must be like to walk a mile in her shoes. Although her biggest hardship takes her strength, I believe she is the strongest woman in the world. Even though this disease steals her memory, she always remembers how to make me smile after a bad day.

I wake everyday and pray they will find a cure because my hero deserves it. She has inspired so many people, especially myself. Her heart maybe heavy but she still gives so much of herself to others when they are in need. She has given so much hope to other Lyme victims. Instead of sitting in the back seat, she wants to drive the car.

In other words, instead of waiting for someone to stand up and make the world realize that there is a problem with tick-borne diseases, she's out there waving her arms and getting their attention. She speaks with so much compassion it's hard to tell her no. My hero writes me poems and inspires me to be all I can, and not to ever settle for second best.

She has always encouraged me to go out and grab the world. I will not fail her, and hope that someday I will be somebody's hero. I look up to my hero everyday. She is my everything. She's a normal person but her actions speak volumes of her character. Your hero should be a person who you look up to for their actions, not talents. A hero can be anybody, but not just anybody can be a hero.

Jacki Wright (Daughter of Jeri Wright)

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