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Cynthia's Story

My name is Cynthia Conrad. I'm only 18 years old. I have also suffered with chronic Lyme for almost eight of those years. Since age 10, I have had many symptoms that wax and wane. It all started with simple things, like a knee injury, the flu, and what one could call "growing pains." It wasn't 'till two years later, that we just couldn't come up with a logical explanation of what was happening to me. I started gaining weight rapidly, and broke out in tremors several times each day.

Because I was craving sugar, my mom took me to the doctor to get tested for diabetes, since it runs in the family. My doctor, however, knew it must be something else. After testing me for nearly 20 diseases, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme, because my symptoms the two previous years were onset by two tick bites I had recalled having.

I then started going to a specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a very good background, in curing his patients. He tried very hard to help me, but even courses of IV's for over six months at a time didn't help at all. Being as young as I was, depression was a major problem. The kids I went to school with didn't know anything about my problems, therefore, they didn't want to have much to do with me. That really hurt me, sometimes more than the disease did.

Because I had nearly every symptom, chronic pain being the worst, I missed many days during high school. My doctor gave up his practice, and I was stuck. I had absolutely nowhere to go because Lyme disease is not recognized in Northern Kentucky. Because of that, my condition continued to deteriorate, and depression set in worse, causing an eating disorder; anorexia.

Now that I am out of high school, I have tackled the eating disorder and am back to my original weight. Still, I have no help with treating my disease. I go to doctors, but often within two months, they become frustrated and give up. This has made my condition so much worse, but because I got a full scholarship in music, I wanted to go to college and really make something of myself, and prove that in spite of this disease, I could handle it. Three weeks after starting, I had to withdraw due to an onset of my very worst symptoms.

Since I don't have school, I have been focusing on research, and finding myself a doctor who can finally get this thing under control. Under the guidance of others, I am seeking diagnosis of a coinfection which I feel may truly be putting a stop on my ability to fight the disease. Until then, I will try to go to school again, this time taking a different approach, while I wait to see if there is a doctor out there willing to help me.

Cynthia Conrad


Hi, I just wanted to update you on my progress. I wanted to let you know that I have been tested again, and once again it was positive; this time with rheumatoid arthritis involved in the diagnosis. I am waiting to hear back on my thyroid test because I have already had two with positive results. Dr. Swami has been a great help emotionally, if not physically. It's almost like I enjoy going there every month to see him, when I hate going to doctors. I'm not better by any means, but I think this road will lead me to a positive place.


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