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Lori B's Story

Hello everyone. My name is Lori, & I want to start off by thanking those who have written of their experiences. What do I relate to everyone? Stay strong, active if you can, positive, and get plenty of rest. Stress, who needs it?!!! I had gotten flu symptoms in '93. One day I felt light headed, dizzy and drained.

I woke up the next morning, with my arms and hands curled at my chest, and my knees all bent up too, in a fetal position. I kept trying to focus on where I was because my room did not look familiar to me. I remember the pain and how much energy it took to straighten my arms and legs out. It took me that much longer to get out of bed.

I did this for almost a year, when one day I was driving, and I had no idea where I was going. I looked down and realized I had work clothes on, and remembered where I was going. I was not as lucky some other times. If I was off from work that day, I would have to pull over. Not only did I not remember where I was going (or for that matter, getting in the car), but I could not remember how to get home.

I would have to call someone to guide me back. I started to have terrible nightmares, and horrible panic attacks. Through all this the pain was incredible, until one day I just couldn't get up. I found a wonderful Dr. and he started treatment on me right away. I didn't know which was worse; the antibiotics or the Lyme. I was bedridden for four months. I received oral antibiotics, then intravenous abx through a PICC line, and then oral abx again.

I was also on another drug, because I suffered from sleep deprivation. Between the antibiotics and this drug I went from 122 lbs. to 194. I had no idea who I had become. But it has been almost 7 years and diet, exercise and staying away from processed foods(YUK)has helped. I have my bad days (sometimes a month), but I keep staying positive and I don't force myself. When I can walk 4 miles I do, when I can only make it to the corner, I do that too!

When I have a year of breathing freely, I rejoice in it. When I get asthma, which I have never had (before Lyme), or end up in the hospital with bronchitis and pneumonia, I make sure I keep it in check, and do everything to make myself better, not worse. I keep the good and great days with me until they come back, and they always do.

Words of Lori B.

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